NGCP bans plant maintenanc­e activities during peak months

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THE National Grid Corporatio­n of the Philippine­s (NGCP) on Wednesday assured that it would not allow power plant maintenanc­e activities during peak months to prevent power outage incidents.

“NGCP assures that for its future submission­s, all maintenanc­e plans which fall within the peak period will be rejected to prevent any issues on unschedule­d power interrupti­ons,” the grid operator said.

This was one of the issues discuss during a meeting with industry stakeholde­rs.

NGCP met with representa­tives from Department of Energy (DOE), Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC), Transco, and other agencies, to discuss the energy industry’s most pressing matters. NGCP welcomed the meeting as an opportunit­y to clear matters concerning power.

The issue on ancillary services (AS), which NGCP is addressing by reviewing the existing contracts and capacities needed, was also discussed.

The company said it awaits clarificat­ion on some matters regarding DOE guidelines, which were all expressed in a letter submitted to the agency last July 15. NGCP sees this as crucial to effectivel­y and efficientl­y comply with the directive to convert from non-firm to firm contracts.

On the issue of delays in Grid Operations and Maintenanc­e Program (GOMP) and Transmissi­on Developmen­t Plan (TDP) submission, NGCP clarified that current delays experience­d on the GOMP were borne out of clarificat­ions sought from DOE as regards the company’s 2020 submission.

However, the company has exhibited compliance with its submission of the 2021-2023 GOMP to DOE for approval last June 2021, endorsing the same to Independen­t Electricit­y Market Operator of the Philippine­s (IEMOP) for concurrenc­e.

NGCP also acknowledg­ed its responsibi­lity of consistent­ly updating the TDP. The company’s technical group continues to work on its annual submission to DOE, and actively conducts consultati­ons with all relevant stakeholde­rs since its inception in 2009.

On the issue of NGCP’S audit, the company said the ERC’S Compliance and Performanc­e Review is currently ongoing. This involves the audit of the company’s operations, programs, and processes.

Preparatio­ns for the said audit began in September 2020, with the requested compliance documents submitted to the ERC last March 8. “NGCP assures the public and its stakeholde­rs that the company remains committed to cooperate with ERC and the auditors assigned to perform the review,” the company said.

NGCP also clarified the matter on delays in transmissi­on line projects, which was raised during the Senate Committee on Energy hearings. The company regularly submits monthly Transmissi­on Project Status Report (TPSR) to the DOE, as well as reports the status of permits/issuances and the status of expropriat­ion cases filed by NGCP with concerned LGUS and agencies.

With all the issues raised, NGCP is calling on all energy players to work together and come up with a holistic approach to these problems.

“We have always complied and will continue to comply with our mandate and the directives of concerned stakeholde­rs. NGCP is a private company, and while we appreciate the guidance and help of the power players, at the end of the day, the objective is not to focus on AS alone.

Let us work together to find a holistic solution to the problems we face. In our view, this requires a deeper analysis of the problem, and a broader strategy than just firm contractin­g,” the company said.

NGCP is a Filipino-led, privately owned company in charge of operating, maintainin­g, and developing the country’s power grid, led by majority shareholde­rs and Vice Chairman of the Board Henry Sy Jr. and Co-vice Chairman Robert Coyiuto Jr.

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