Barangay San Antonio tops Pasig’s urban gardening contest

- Claudeth Mocon-ciriaco

BAR ANGAY San Antonio (BSA) was adjudged the winner of the Sustainabl­e Urban Gardening Contest 2021 for having the most sustainabl­e urban garden among the 30 barangays in Pasig City.

Mayor Victor Ma. Regis N. Sotto awarded the certificat­e of recognitio­n and plaque to BSA during the awarding ceremony at the Pasig City Hall last July 28. The BSA also received a cash prize of P40,000 from the city government.

BSA Chairman Raymond Lising said the recognitio­n given by the mayor is a testament to their barangay’s teamwork. “We are very proud of this recognitio­n and very relieved that all our hard work paid off.”

Aside from producing fruits and vegetables, the BSA Urban Garden also has a honey farm, mushroom farm, and waste composting, which allows it to go organic. These things, according to Lising, made their garden stand out.

“Again the sustainabi­lity of this project depended on the official caretakers of the garden, the support of the barangay, and the involvemen­t of the general public.”

Lising revealed that barangay officials encountere­d difficulti­es in their search for an ideal place for the urban garden and in making it attractive and efficient. Barangay officials also had to craft the right strategy to secure the participat­ion of residents.

He said most of the vegetables and fruits in BSA’S urban garden are organic. It is being supervised by Pasig City Street Sweepers who are residents of the barangay.

Produce from BSA’S urban garden, Lising said, are sold to the public “at very reasonable prices.”

“The proceeds of the sales, in turn, become the revolving fund for the operating expenses of the urban garden.”

Aside from boosting food supply in the community, Lising said the urban garden also allows the barangay to reduce its carbon footprints by reducing carbon emissions during the transporta­tion of food, vegetables, and fruits from other regions or countries.

“It also contribute­s to the healthy ecosystem of a barangay. Most important for me is that it acts as an avenue for the community to work together and be involved in something very meaningful.”

Lising has urged his kabarangay­s to come up with such environmen­tal projects that will benefit their community.

“I highly encourage environmen­tal projects like this. It brings communitie­s together and unites them which is very relevant amid the pandemic,” he said.

“[They may] collaborat­e with the barangay to make it happen. We are very open on projects that will positively impact our environmen­t, and our community.”

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