SMC: NCR will have enough food and fuel during ECQ


CONGLOMERA­TE San Miguel Corp. (SMC) has assured that the company is prepared to supply much-needed food, fuel and power throughout the two-week lockdown in Metro manila which will start on friday.

Company President Ramon S. Ang said the company is also prepared to continue providing assistance to disadvanta­ged communitie­s spanning its businesses around Metro Manila. San Miguel has already spent over P14 billion to support the fight against the pandemic, mounting the biggest food donation drive in history.

“I would like to personally assure everyone that we have enough food inventory to last even many months. We’ve had a lot of learning from last year and we adjusted the way we operate. We are better prepared for sudden disruption­s,” Ang said.

“As we did during the previous ECQS, we have business continuity plans in place that will allow for essential, critical operations to continue under the strictest safety protocols. This assures our government and the public that for our part, we can continuous­ly provide food, power, and fuel during this critical time.”

The company expects minimal disruption to the supply of essential food, electricit­y and fuel during the lockdown period.

“There is nothing to worry as far as supply is concerned. For now, please prepare to stay at home, protect yourselves and your loved ones. Even if you are all vaccinated, please exercise greater caution as the delta variant is more transmissi­ble,” Ang said.

“Our food donation drive for poor communitie­s continues through our Better world ton do food bank and feeding center, as well as various efforts in other cities. we will coordinate with the LGUS and our own non-profit partners to make sure we can help bring food and protect our less-privileged country men from hunger.”

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