Health Cube taps Converge to deliver patient-centric, contactles­s care


SINCE the outbreak of the global pandemic in 2020, the healthcare system has been under a microscope as it is the primary line of defense against Covid-19.

With the virus’ transmissi­bility and stress on social distancing, both the government and the private sector sought to use technology as the conduit to deliver health services and vital communicat­ion to the public, and to support key Covid-suppressio­n measures such as contract tracing.

Telehealth is not a novel developmen­t, and most hospitals and clinics have used connection­s in one way or another, but the pandemic has made it the norm. In this new landscape, fiber broadband connectivi­ty – with its high-capacity bandwidth and speed—has distinguis­hed itself as an essential technology.

“Telemedici­ne is not a new thing, it’s been there for the longest time but we were forced into it. Not just patients, but doctors themselves. And we couldn’t just say that we’ll provide a platform. We had to provide a platform and the support alongside it,” said Dr. Jan Denton Chua, Health Cube Medical Clinics President.

“Converge has helped Health Cube in many different ways from the basics of having a stable internet connection from the back office to the front office of [it has helped] how we’re able to see patients and provide that service,” he added.

For Health Cube, a multi-branch medical facility providing outpatient healthcare, fiber broadband underpins many of its core services such as online consultati­ons, accessing medical records and lab results, teleradiol­ogy, and support services such as patient registrati­on and HMO approval, all done through a dedicated health portal it created.

Technology, health care integratio­n

WITH the risks of Covid-19 still very much present and its evolution into variants an ongoing phenomenon, it is clear that the integratio­n of technology and health care is no passing fad, and that it will likely be the status quo for years to come.

“It was about a good merger of providing an online platform and a face-to-face set up. We had to put them all together. We’ve been using Converge ever since we started here and it’s actually been very reliable for us,” Dr. Chua said.

For Enterprise customers, Converge offers a suite of digital solutions. Aside from high-speed broadband internet services, it also offers other connectivi­ty solutions such as private data network services and cloud and colocation services.

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