- By Samuel P. Medenilla @sam_medenilla

MALACAÑANG currently sees no need to request for a supplement­al budget from Congress despite the government’s massive funding need for cash aid in areas under lockdown.

In an online press briefing on Thursday, Presidenti­al spokespers­on Harry Roque said they are still reviewing the 2021 national budget to determine if they will need a bigger budget from lawmakers for financial assistance for those affected by the fresh quarantine restrictio­ns.

“If it [funds] will be insufficie­nt, that will be the time the Executive department will request for a supplement­al budget from Congress,” Roque said.

Roque earlier said the Executive department is not keen on the passage of Bayanihan 3 bill, which will provide fresh funding to the government’s Covid-19 response, since it still has the balance from the two previous Bayanihan laws as well as the 2021 national budget.

The government allocated P13.1 billion, to be used for cash aid to over 10 million residents of Metro Manila, for the duration of its lockdown from Aug. 6 to 20, 2021.

The fund will be sourced from the unobligate­d funds from government agencies and excess revenues from government-owned and -controlled corporatio­ns (GOCC).

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) said GOCCS have at least P12 billion in excess revenue, which can be used for financial aid in areas under lockdowns.

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