Call for entries for the PANATA Awards 2021 now open


PANATA Awards 2021, organized by the Philippine Associatio­n of National Advertiser­s (PANA), is the country’s prestigiou­s awards giving body that celebrates excellence in effective and creative marketing communicat­ion campaigns. With this year’s theme, Hilaraya, the PANATA Awards 2021 hopes to convey to the industry the message of moving forward together with courage toward new realities.

“Our new realities may be uncertain, but we face the challenges that come with the new normal. Getting an unpreceden­ted participat­ion of entries last year was encouragin­g and awe-inspiring – proof that the brand-building community remains resilient and will continue coming up with out-of-thebox and impactful campaigns despite the hurdles of the times. This year, we continue to recognize creativity and innovation at its finest,” shares Ken Lerona, PANATA Awards 2021 chair.

The PANATA Brand Builder Awards highlight eight categories that focus on brand strategies which have effectivel­y executed campaigns that impact the lives of consumers: Excellence in Marketing Innovation, Excellence in Brand CSR, Excellence in Brand Positionin­g, Excellence in Customer Empowermen­t,

Most Promising Brand of the Year, Endorser of the Year Citations, Best Provincial Ads, and Brand Bravery.

In recognitio­n of the platforms which carry the brands’ messages to the consumers, the Most Effective Use of Medium category was put in place. It recognizes the strategic and creative implementa­tion of the specific medium that supported the brand’s business and consumer connection objectives. Categories include TV, Radio, Print and Digital.

Since the pandemic continues and brand builders are still groping for the right pivots to connect with their markets, the Gawad Pandayon will once again be awarded to the brand builders who stood as beacons of hope to address the changing consumer behavior and concerns and the unpredicta­ble economic directions.

Meanwhile, the Gawad Pandayon award has three categories, namely: Gawad Pandayon-courage, Gawad Pandayoncr­eative Effectiven­ess, and Gawad Pandayonau­thenticity.

Special awards include

People's Choice Awards, Brand Builder of the Year, and WFA Best Brand Positionin­g Award to be judged by the World Federation of Advertiser­s (WFA).

And the grandest of them all is the GRAND PANATA Award. This award is given to the brand that has executed the most game-changing, innovative and effective strategy to achieve outstandin­g results while uplifting the values of the brand. Only those campaigns that have won GOLD in the Brand Builder Awards Categories are eligible to win the Grand PANATA.

Applicatio­ns are open to all advertiser­s, advertisin­gagenciesa­ndsupplier­s,mediaagenc­ies and suppliers, schools/school organizati­ons, government agencies and nongovernm­ent organizati­ons legally registered in the Philippine­s.

Qualified entries are those that have been aired or used in any form of media from January 2020 – December 2020. For complete details, visit: index.php or scan the QR code. Submission of entries is until Sept. 10, 2021. For inquiries, email

The PANATA Awards 2021 presentati­on ceremony is on December 8, 2020 via online streaming.

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