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If you're con­vinced a cer­tain re­sult must hap­pen in­stantly, then pa­tience will prob­a­bly be the last thing you'll be keen to sum­mon. How­ever, part of you can hope­fully con­nect with the fact that the pos­i­tive change you want to bring must be al­lowed a rea­son­able and prac­ti­cal time­frame to un­fold within.


Should you trust your in­stincts if you're miss­ing cer­tain es­sen­tial in­for­ma­tion? Ab­so­lutely! A car­ing and sup­port­ive cos­mos is help­ing you to trust a cer­tain nig­gling thought, re­gard­less of how far­fetched it might ap­pear.


As you gain nec­es­sary and help­ful per­spec­tive on an old is­sue, a sense of re­as­sur­ance will likely grow stronger. Both you and the is­sue have evolved in your own ways, and to a point where you can see the light at the end.


When we put our­selves un­der pres­sure, it's of­ten be­cause we're aware of pres­sure com­ing from some­where or some­one else. We deal with what comes our way ex­ter­nally and then cre­ate a per­pet­ual cy­cle of stress by match­ing it in­ter­nally.


Some­thing in your world might need re­leas­ing but, by do­ing so, you'll do your­self an enor­mous fa­vor. If what­ever-it-is no longer serves a help­ful pur­pose and holds you back in some way, then a brave step might be needed to re­lieve your­self.


De­ter­min­ing the re­al­ity of a sit­u­a­tion might re­quire you to ask a spe­cific ques­tion. This might feel more daunt­ing than it should do. We can be aware of a sense of trep­i­da­tion that ac­com­pa­nies ask­ing ques­tions that we dread hear­ing the an­swers to.


To push your luck or not push your luck, that is a likely ques­tion you're ask­ing your­self now. We know who­ever dares tends to win.


It's pos­si­ble that a per­ceived need be self-pro­tec­tive has helped you to grow used to a self­im­posed re­stric­tion. There­fore, it's im­por­tant to rec­og­nize the free­dom you have avail­able in a way you've con­vinced your­self you don't.


No­body likes smart alecks. We can eas­ily be put off by those who pos­sess an air of un­jus­ti­fied au­thor­ity. Even if some­one believes they can jus­tify their su­pe­ri­or­ity, then there are right and wrong ways of con­vey­ing this.


Sens­ing enough is enough in an area of your world could re­late to ways you be­lieve a re­la­tion­ship can be im­proved or a new level of di­a­logue with a cer­tain per­son should be in­tro­duced. Heal­ing and re­con­nec­tion are pos­si­ble.


Rarely is it dif­fi­cult to iden­tify ways to im­prove our re­la­tion­ship or in­ter­ac­tion with some­one. How­ever, we of­ten de­cide mak­ing an ef­fort to do so is too much hard work.


The cos­mos ap­pears keen to boost your con­fi­dence and morale gen­er­ally, pos­si­bly by help­ing you to cease fo­cus­ing on neg­a­tive as­pects of a sit­u­a­tion and fo­cus in­stead on what you should be do­ing to bring a pos­i­tive re­sult.

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