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IT’S safe to say that Jas­mine Cur­tis Smith is at the per­fect place and time. The pas­sion­ate in­die dar­ling has gone through great un­fold­ing, from 2013’s in­de­pen­dent drama “Tran­sit”—until her rev­e­la­tory per­for­mance in “Baka Bukas,” “I’m Drunk I Love You,” and “Siar­gao.”

Since her last TV ap­pear­ance back in 2016, she (born Jas­mine Casan­dra Ojales Cur­tis-Smith) has been out of TV projects and fo­cused on movies. The ac­tress, dancer, en­dorser, writer, and TV host is back now in her new home net­work.

Ex­press­ing her en­thu­si­asm, there is no stop­ping this young lady with her ca­reer’s care­fully crafted slow-burn ap­peal as she’s back in Joel La­man­gan-helmed prime­time se­ries,

“Pam­ilya Ro­ces.” Here,

Jas­mine be­comes a part of the un­veil­ing of a fam­ily spec­ta­cle

that’s funny and campy as it sets to make an in­ter­est­ing dra­matic re­flec­tion of real life.

Mo­ments be­fore she stepped out with fel­low ac­tors for her prime­time’s Cebu promo, Jas­mine en­deared her­self to the Play! pool when she gamely an­swered ques­tions about her foray as a se­ri­ous ac­tress, her first pay­check, and be­ing safe and sound back in her home sta­tion.

“Pam­ilya Ro­ces” delves into fam­ily and sib­ling­hood. What are you like as a fam­ily mem­ber?

It’ s like this— madami kasi kami , 10 kami, but kami lang talaga ni ate at ‘yung younger brother ko . Iba kasi ang ex­pe­ri­ence ko sa kanila as a younger sis­ter, sep­a­rate as an ate sa younger brother, so

parang there are two dif­fer­ent ver­sions of me as a sis­ter. As the younger sis­ter I am stub­born, me­dyo hindi makinig sa ate pero sunod-suno­ran pag kailan­gan , ready to alalay any­time. And as an ate I can be con­trol­ling, like sundin mo ako o tu­tu­ruan kit a oh alika and I’ll tell you how to be the best. It’s the same with any ate or how my ate is with me.

How do you re­late to your char­ac­ter?

‘ Yung char­ac­ter ko as Pearl, I think I have many sim­i­lar­i­ties with her char­ac­ter kasi ang pagig­ing ate niya todo-todo

to the point that she has to stand up and be on the de­fense though wala pa akong

in­ci­dent like that with my younger brother. But what I can see is the sim­i­lar­ity na kailan­gan kong i- emu­late is ‘yung pagka-ate ng ate ko, doon ko nakikita ‘yung sim­i­lar­i­ties that I can bring to the ta­ble. Wala masyado sa akin

but more from my ate.

What’s the vibe like on the set work­ing with Direk Joel La­man­gan?

No spe­cial treat­ment from him, ma-artista, crew, or pro­duc­tion. So pan­tay ‘yung ex­pec­ta­tions niya sa la­hat. It is show up, do your job, part ka sa malak­ing team na ito so parang hindi la­hat nai­i­wan sa artista, sa crew, or sa pro­duc­tion ang re­spon­si­bilites. Nagse - share talaga.

This is your first TV project in GMA. Did you re­quest to be part of some­thing dra­matic?

Not na­man nag- re­quest. More of like parang if mabibi­gyan niyo ako ng project sana po it’s drama. TV is a dif­fer­ent

kind of game and for us ac­tors hindi namin ito platform, we are a tool to be used for TV so it’s kind of mahi­rap mag- de­mand. But you’re open to work­ing for dif­fer­ent genre? If any­thing comes my way that is well-pre­pared, hindi kaka­pusin while it’s on air, hindi ‘yung tipong ma­g­a­nda lang ‘yung first two weeks ng fan­taserye and the last three is me­dyo ka­pos ka na, you know. Then again it should be a good project.

Do you also watch other TV pro­grams?

I am cur­rently binge-watch­ing “De­vi­ous Maids.” Me kasi pag may tap­ing kailan­gan ko na may se­ries ako na ma­ha­hawakan para pag-uwi ko may­ilu- look for­ward ako o pag nasa tap­ing while naghi­hin­tay meron akong na­pa­panood.

You have been in the in­dus­try for quite a while. Do you re­mem­ber what you bought with your first pay­check?

My mom’s car. Other than that be­cause that’s the rea­son why I joined talaga be­cause

gusto ko na siyang bil­han ng car kasi at that point nasa fourth year high school ako nuon at parang tirik nang tirik ‘yung car namin at third-hand car na ‘yun and it was cost­ing more as it hasn’t been re­paired than to buy a new car. So I asked my dad na if I start work­ing will you cover the other quar­ter of the pay­ment tapos ako na ‘yung three quar­ters. That was my first grand spend­ing, but other than that

‘yung para sa akin na­man is I bought my­self a pair of RayBan sun­glasses na fa­vorite ko pa rin hang­gang ngayon.

We can’t help but no­tice the Chanel Crys­tal Dan­gle Dress Ear­rings that you’re wear­ing.

I know! (laugh­ter) I am so happy that I have this. I just had it this year and I con­sider this as a gift for my­self.

How would you de­scribe your fash­ion?

I feel like my per­sonal style is more re­laxed, easy, com­fort­able pero at the same time clean.

What’s your ul­ti­mate dream role?

I want to be in a movie that’s some­what sim­i­lar to “Eter­nal Sun­shine of the Spot­less Mind,” some­thing like that. The char­ac­ter of Kate Winslet, of course. It’s like parang alam mo na pag na­panood mo ‘yung film, it just sticks in your con­scious­ness from the first time you watch it, it never leaves you.

If you were not act­ing, what would you be do­ing now?

I am 24 so prob­a­bly I would have fin­ished school by now. I prob­a­bly would have taken up a Man­age­ment course and I prob­a­bly would have ze­roed in on Mar­ket­ing or Events Man­age­ment.

What projects have you made that you will never for­get?

“Siar­gao,” “Baka Bukas,” and “Tran­sit.” I have to in­clude “Tran­sit,” my first in­die film, and that was the first time I won an act­ing award out­side of TV so I felt like I built my back­bone from “Tran­sit.” And by do­ing “Baka Bukas” and “Siar­gao” only con­firmed that I am do­ing well and I am choos­ing the right path.

Are there lo­cal ac­tors that you look up to?

Def­i­nitely Iza Calzado and Irma Ad­lawan. For Iza, be­cause I feel like her route is dif­fer­ent from many of her con­tem­po­raries. Even in­clud­ing my­self, it’s so nice to see na what I want to emu­late she’s al­ready kind of do­ing and she’s al­ready done it. So I want to be able to some­how es­tab­lish some­thing sim­i­lar in the fu­ture or work with her on some­thing. And Miss Irma Ad­lawan be­cause I felt like siya talaga ‘yung nag­turo sa akin kung paano and to­toong pag-arte with­out re­ally hav­ing to teach me.

How do you want to see your ca­reer take off in the next five years?

Sana lang I can keep do­ing what I am do­ing now na na­pag­bal­anse both film and TV. I want to be able to con­trib­ute to the in­dus­try by pro­duc­ing some­thing, hope­fully by writ­ing or in guid­ing sa story like a cre­ative pro­ducer. Other than that I want to be able to set my life so that I can find

bal­ance be­tween hav­ing to work in the show­biz in­dus­try and at the same time have a life out­side in the busi­ness world, and in the beach world. Alam mo ‘yun na parang ma- in­cor­po­rate ko yung “life.” Kasi it’s dif­fer­ent that you have the “life” while you’re work­ing.

What’s your weak­ness?

My mom, def­i­nitely her. La­hat, any­thing re­lated to her is my weak­ness. Ev­ery­thing that she wants,any­thing that hurts her, any­thing that makes her happy. Ma­bilis akong maawa sa ak­ing ak­ing mama. Any­thing para sa kanya, okay go.

What are your as­pi­ra­tions for next year?

Sana masim­u­lan ko na ‘yung ho­tel busi­ness with my boyfriend.

What’s your cur­rent state of mind?

Still. But pro­cess­ing.

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