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Da­pat unta, nga maIlabi na og na’ay magsalig nimo. Lahi na gyud namosa

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gamit sa akoang so­cial me­dia. I may give tips here and there oth­er­wise wala na kaayo, it’s more on mar­ket­ing.

You have been writ­ing for print or the main­stream me­dia. What’s your re­ac­tion to the in­dus­try go­ing dig­i­tal?

It’s nice nga nakaabot pa ta sa pana­hon nga grabe pa kabaga ang pa­per. I re­mem­ber when I was in the sem­i­nary there were four news­pa­pers. Imag­ine, what does that speak of us as a read­ing com­mu­nity. This is some­thing that we have been ex­pect­ing and the main­stream me­dia should be pre­pared dili na pud mahitabo nga peo­ple had to let go of their jobs. Twenty years ago, we have been talk­ing about this and right now it’s hap­pen­ing. Back then we re­ally didn’t mind it be­cause we were on top and now that it’s hap­pen­ing, the least that I am happy about is that I was part of it and I was there when the turn­around hap­pened.

Will you rec­om­mend art and lit­er­a­ture as a ca­reer to your kids?

I have a seven-year-old boy who is now tak­ing up drum lessons. Naa mi’y gig kung dili na gabii kaayo puli­han niya amoang drum­mer and mo join siya . He’s in that di­rec­tion al­ready ug ang manghud mo pi­ano na pero we don’t know kay basin as they grow old mausab na niya and ilaha sab na. Karon lang is naa sa ilaha ang hilig sa mu­sic and gana­han ko pero mak­aguol sab kay sa akoang ex­pe­ri­ence there’s no money man gud sa art. Sa akoang na­ban­tayan, sa mu­sic na’ay ga­may, ug sa writ­ing pila ra baya ug dili siya maka -sup­port og fam­ily so I want them to go into busi­ness pero ayaw lang biyai ang art. Kay gana­han nako i- break ang cy­cle sa amoang fam­ily nga there’s no­body in it who is into busi­ness and it someo­how per­pet­u­ates the cy­cle of poverty ba. At least in this gen­er­a­tion cut na unta ba, nga well-versed unta sila in run­ning a busi­ness.

What if they’d re­ally want to pur­sue the arts?

At least we would have done our part like when­ever we sell (Sin­ug­bang Sugbu) shirts, ako silang pakuyo­gon. For the kids makakita sila nga mag­tra­baho mi with my wife with­out ac­tu­ally telling them to go into busi­ness, mag­tan-aw sila sa ilang par­ents nga man­gugi is al­ready telling.

Any re­grets?

Naay ga­may’ng pagma­hay be­cause dugay man kaayo ka maka- re­al­ize nga im­por­tante sab gyud diay ang pag- make og money. Kana gani nga mag sige lang ka og tra­baho unya kuwan­gon lang gi­hapon and

(laugh­ter). Like, kanang­mga tal­ent fee gigs it would go di­rectly to the fam­ily. It’s not just me but for my band­mates. We would like to mon­e­tize from the art that we are do­ing. Ki­na­hanglan makak­warta gyud ka and my con­cern is with roy­al­ties and with our laws on in­tel­lec­tual rights nato diri kay it’s not in place. You can­not make money out of your art un­like other coun­tries nga maka one-hit won­der ra ka and you will still get some­thing out of it. It’s not like that man here. It’s sad for an artist most es­pe­cially with writ­ers and those who are in the fields of lit­er­ary arts and mu­sic.

As a writer, mu­si­cian and busi­ness­man, how do you want to see things down the line?

I’d still want to suc­ceed on all those fields. Sig­uro dili na kaayo into mu­sic be­cause I have this feel­ing nga naka- con­trib­ute na­man ko dira so I may as well try con­tribut­ing some­thing on other fields na sab. Right now, it’s all for my fam­ily na­man gud and I still love mu­sic and the drive is there but it’s not the same drive when we were younger. Had I known nga in­gon ani diay ka busy ang na’ay pam­ilya, unta gidaghan na lang nako akoang gi­panghimo nga mu­sic sa una (laugh­ter).

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