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To­day is an in­spi­ra­tional day for you. Let those vi­sions come to you, process them, and try to ver­bal­ize them. A lot of in­for­ma­tion and elec­tric­ity is in the air, and you should have no prob­lem pick­ing up on it. You're usu­ally good at bring­ing peo­ple to­gether. Your great­est strength is giv­ing iden­tity to those peo­ple who seek it. In fact, you're so aware of the dif­fer­ences be­tween peo­ple that you re­sist the changes that come about. Some of you still let in­di­vid­u­als from other Zo­diac Signs do all the cre­at­ing for you. The plan­e­tary con­fig­u­ra­tion to­day pushes you to free your­self from the ties that bind you. It's time for you to show more cre­ativ­ity. You are very in­ter­ested in all kinds of pro­fes­sions that con­cern hu­mans, Taurus - medicine, psy­chol­ogy, or any kind of spir­i­tual ther­apy. You will be very sen­si­tive to the great open­ing to­ward the fu­ture that comes along to­day. Youmay­surprisethep­eo­plearoundy­ouover­the next few days, Gemini. You're a re­spon­si­ble per­son and oth­ers can count on you. But just like any­body else, you're sen­si­tive to your de­sires. You may have to stand by cer­tain dif­fi­cult, wor­ri­some de­ci­sions to­day, Cancer. You may feel a kind of ur­gent need for sta­bil­ity in your per­sonal life. Doy­ouhelpthe­worlde­volve,Leo?Youmayask your­self this kind of del­i­cate ques­tion to­day. Even if you're a per­son of ac­tion who knows how to re­act to sit­u­a­tions, you should be care­ful not to be too im­pul­sive. You may have a ten­dency to be over­pro­tec­tive of the peo­ple clos­est to you, es­pe­cially chil­dren. You may feel you live in a dan­ger­ous world in which peo­ple don't care about re­spon­si­bil­ity to one an­other. You prob­a­bly need so­ci­ety's or other peo­ple's ap­proval in or­der to feel good about your­self, Libra. But your orig­i­nal per­son­al­ity and way of think­ing are of­ten hard for oth­ers to ac­cept. The events of the day de­pend on your abil­ity to put things into ques­tion to­day, Scorpio. In gen­eral, you're good at an­a­lyz­ing sit­u­a­tions when things aren't go­ing well in your re­la­tion­ships. The plan­e­tary as­pects are go­ing to have a big im­pact on you to­day, Sagittarius. This isn't the time to fear the fu­ture. Rather, it's a time to make it hap­pen. The ac­tion you take right now will be in­stru­men­tal in your fu­ture.

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