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The Chi­nese New Year of­fi­cially starts to­day with lav­ish par­ties and pompous cel­e­bra­tions ex­pected to make the rounds of Cebu’s lo­cal Chi­nese com­mu­ni­ties.

And what bet­ter way to cel­e­brate the Year of the Dog than to share your home to some of our fury friends who are still look­ing for a per­ma­nent place to stay. A place full of love, care and af­fec­tion by their adop­tive own­ers.

The Cebu City pound is en­cour­ag­ing Ce­buanos to adopt dogs and cats cur­rently housed at the gov­ern­ment fa­cil­ity.

Po­ten­tial own­ers must be at least 18 years old. They have to first set an ap­point­ment, fill out a ques­tion­naire which will be eval­u­ated and as­sessed by the ap­pointed staff.

If an ap­pli­cant is found to be fit as an adopter, he will then be re­quired to fill out a pet adop­tion form be­fore he can meet and choose the pet he would choose to bring home.

An adop­tion fee of P150 has to be paid in­clu­sive of ant-ra­bies vac­cine, spay and neuter, de­worm­ing and a dog collar pro­vided by the city gov­ern­ment.

In­ter­ested par­ties may view the an­i­mals’ pro­files and pho­tos through the Cebu City Pound’s Face­book page.

Here are some of the dogs wait­ing to be loved by their fu­ture adop­tive par­ents.


At four years old, Amigo is the old­est dog up for adop­tion. He was only 10 months old when he first en­tered the pound. He is calm, quiet, and easy go­ing. He may be a lit­tle shy but gets along well af­ter a while.


Armand is a three year old as­pin who was left be­hind when his former owner moved to an­other place. The trau­matic ex­pe­ri­ence left him fear­ful of hu­mans be­fore. Now, Armand is su­per friendly and play­ful and loves bond­ing with hu­mans. He is found in cell #46.


Two year-old Luka was also left be­hind by her fam­ily. She may be a bit bash­ful with strangers but is very lov­ing and loyal once you get to win her trust. She is in cell #27.

They are just three of the more than a hun­dred dogs up for adop­tion.

One of the city pound care­tak­ers, 44-year-old Gumersindo Tabera said he show­ers equal love and care to his wards.

“At first, it was re­ally fright­en­ing. But now they are my com­pan­ions,” said Tabera in Ce­buano. He started work­ing at the fa­cil­ity last year. He said he bathes the dogs, feeds them, grooms them and takes them out for strolls.

But he said he knows, that al­though the dogs are well taken cared off, each of them are still long­ing for a warm perma- nent home to stay.

So if you love dogs, and think you can be a re­spon­si­ble and lov­ing owner, head on to the Cebu City Pound and find your loyal and lov­ing com­pan­ion.

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