How to take care of the skin and look young at ev­ery age.

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First, my ar­ti­cle was sup­posed to be about the harm­ful rays of the sun. But as my con­ver­sa­tion with Dr. Vicki Belo pro­gressed, it shifted to how to take care of one’s skin at ev­ery age. I was very happy with how this in­ter­view turned out. It came out bet­ter than ex­pected and would be help­ful to read­ers of ev­ery age.

Be­cause the sun is the num­ber one anti- ag­ing fac­tor, us­ing SPF ev­ery­day is the most com­mon in­gre­di­ent when tak­ing care of one’s skin from wrin­kles, dark spots, and un­even skin tone. Here was what skin ex­pert Dr. Vicki Belo said about the ag­ing process of the skin, and how to keep it at its best shape:


This is the peak of most women’s beauty. Es­tro­gen is at its high­est level and this re­sults in beau­ti­ful, plump, and hy­drated skin that is soft to the touch. Cheeks are rosy while lips are plump pink and invit­ing. Since women in their 20s spend a lot of time out­doors, they have to use a broad- spec­trum phys­i­cal sun block and reap­ply ev­ery three hours. The best sun blocks are grease­less, not pore- clog­ging and are made of re­fined ti­ta­nium ox­ide. Since these sun blocks have no oils or chem­i­cals, they will not cause acne break­outs.

Oily skin is also a com­mon prob­lem at this age. It’s best to use an oil- con­trol face wash and toner at least twice a day. Us­ing a fa­cial scrub can be done daily or only twice a week de­pend­ing on your skin’s oili­ness. If you have blackheads, whiteheads, and pim­ples, make sure to have a clean­ing done by trained aes­theti­cians from med­i­cal clin­ics. This en­sures proper ex­trac­tion and avoid­ance of scars.

Rec­om­mended treat­ments:

Power Peels (which use mag­ne­sium ox­ide crys­tals to ex­fo­li­ate and brighten the skin), laser hair re­moval for armpits, legs and bikini ar­eas, and Botox of the armpits. Botox of the armpits keeps a per­son “sweat- free” for six months and

helps whiten the armpits.


At this age, women’s me­tab­o­lism usu­ally has started to slow down. Pro­duc­tion of col­la­gen and elastin also de­creases, which makes the skin look less fresh and dewy as women in their 20s. The first signs of ag­ing be­gin to ap­pear around the eyes be­cause of fre­quent squint­ing, rub­bing, and smil­ing. The best eye cream I’ve used is the Obagi Elasti­derm. With con­stant use, I have seen the skin around my eyes be­came thicker and firmer, with less fine lines. Since the skin re­gen­er­a­tion cy­cle slows down, it would be good to add an AHA or BHA in the morn­ing. The best- proven an­ti­ag­ing cream is retinoic acid be­cause stud­ies show that it regenerates gly­coamino­gly­cans, elastin fibers, and col­la­gen. Un­for­tu­nately, it also causes red­ness and peel­ing for a long time. Dr. Zein Obagi has come out with new cre­ation called the ZO line that uses retinol at one per­cent (retinol is a form of vi­ta­min A, and when con­verted to retinoic acid, it is es­sen­tial for skin health, and plays an im­por­tant role in anti- ag­ing.– Eds). He has been able to en­cap­su­late retinol in minia­ture spheres that are slowly re­leased through­out the night. By grad­u­ally re­leas­ing the retinol in small amounts, you avoid the ir­ri­ta­tion and red­ness while still reap­ing all the ben­e­fits of retinol. The prod­uct is called Rad­i­cal Night Re­pair. Rec­om­mended treat­ments: Botox, es­pe­cially for crow’s feet, to lessen lines found around the eyes, Fraxel for any scars, hy­per- pig­men­ta­tion, and stretch marks, and Firm Plus monthly treat­ment to lift the face.


This is the be­gin­ning of a no­tice­able break­down in a wo­man’s skin. A good anal­ogy would be a sofa, where the up­hol­stery (epi­der­mis) has be­gun to look torn, smudged and dirty, the foam (col­la­gen) is flat and thin, and the springs (elastin) fibers are bro­ken. If we are go­ing to de­lay or try to stop ag­ing, we have to act quickly and con­sis­tently. It’s best to con­sult a cer­ti­fied aes­theti­cian about hav­ing in­jectable der­mal or sub­cu­ta­neous fillers to add vol­ume to sag­ging face, and Ulthera or Ther­mage to tighten and lift the face. Meso Botox and the Ne­fer­titi lift, on the other hand, counter the down­ward pull of our fa­cial mus­cles. Rec­om­mended treat­ments: Mois­tur­iz­ers with hyaluronic acid, the “Obagi Sys­tem” or Cos­me­lan to get rid of me­lasma and in­crease col­la­gen and elastin, as well as Pep­tide creams that can pro­vide the pro­tein build­ing blocks to tighten our skin. One should also use ex­fo­li­at­ing scrubs daily to get rid of dead skin cells and stim­u­late the skin to keep re­new­ing it­self, and of course, use retinol twice.


This is the age when one must make a de­ci­sion on whether to have some eye­lid surgery or not. Be­cause the skin around the eyes is thin­ner and more prone to ir­ri­ta­tion, the up­per lids usu­ally sag and cover the eye, mak­ing you look tired. Mean­while, eye­bags be­come more prom­i­nent in the lower lids. Rec­om­mended treat­ments: Ble­pharo­plasty, wherein a car­bon diox­ide

laser is used to re­move ex­cess skin blood­lessly and pain­lessly. The lower eye­bags are also re­moved with­out scars or stitches. Ulthera and Ther­mage are done ev­ery 18 months or a facelift can be done that will last from seven to 10 years. Stem cells and growth fac­tors can also be har­vested from your own blood to in­crease the col­la­gen and elastin in

the skin. For skin care con­sul­ta­tion and other treat­ments, you may visit the Belo Clinic lo­cated at the 1/ L of The Ter­races, Ayala Cen­ter Cebu, Cebu City. For more in­for­ma­tion, you may call + 63( 32) 234- 2356 and + 63( 917) 552- 6986, or log on to www. be­lomed. com.

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