Cebu Living



In this issue, we take a closer look at two cities: Manila and Cebu. Both cities are coming together and moving towards the same lifestyle trends. We picked what we deem best for old and new visitors to experience when they have the chance to travel to each city.

Apart from the rising brunch culture, the changes in transporta­tion, and the fast arrival of the slow food movement, there is also a shift in apartment living. Writer Yvette Tan talks to Fiona King of RFK Holding, Inc. about this transition— from expensive high- rise condominiu­ms to affordable apartment developmen­ts.

Every time the team visits Cebu, it never fails to surprise us. There is always something new to discover. From the people we’ve met and the friends we’ve made, we try to take a piece of our experience to our home in Manila. And as we keep coming back to Cebu, we blur the lines of difference between the two cities and the more that Cebu is looking like home to us. We enjoyed making this issue!

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