Most of the plan­ets are mov­ing full speed ahead this month (no pesky ret­ro­grade!), so you can sit back and sip some wine. The sun and ac­tive Mars will meet in bold Leo by the 26th—the per­fect time for a steamy new ro­mance!

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07.23-08.22 You’re more in de­mand than rosé on a rooftop after the 5th, so take care of your­self and avoid burnout. Things may get tough at work on the 26th, so put on your big-girl panties and make a bold move!

YOU NEED : To stay cen­tered. LEO GUY : He’s been flaky lately, but by the end of the month, he’ll be ready to show you his dot­ing, de­voted side.

08.23-09.22 It’s all hap­pen­ing for you right now. A ca­reer hot streak kicks off on the 4th if you fo­cus on team­work. When Mer­cury moves into your sign on the 25th, no one will say no to you, so think about what you re­ally want.

YOU NEED: HBIC net­work­ing skills.

VIRGO GUY : What a busy bee! He’s buzzing around, but he’ll find ways to show you his honey’s all yours.

08.23-09.22 The plan­ets are aligned to keep you feel­ing fiery right now, and you’ll want to go big with your BFFS on the 9th—throw a bar­be­cue bash or plan a week­end get­away in the moun­tains. Just mind your bud­get around the 24th.

YOU NEED: To cel­e­brate.

LIBRA GUY : He’s in the spot­light, but he’ll find time for you...after dark.

10.23-11.21 Whoa, baby! You are giv­ing off flirty vibes like never be­fore. Use them well on an im­promptu visit to some­where new. Be ready for any­thing, as op­pos­ing plan­ets Mars and Pluto may mess with your plans.

YOU NEED: A va­ca­tion with more than a lit­tle va-va-voom.

SCORPIOGUY : Road­trip alert! Sit back and let him take you on a wild ad­ven­ture.

11.22-12.21 Nec­es­sary PSA: Stop com­par­ing your­self to oth­ers. Run your own race! Shoot your own shot! And don’t be afraid to kick peo­ple who don’t bring you joy to the curb. Get ready for the 19th, one of your top days of the year for love.

YOU NEED: Clar­ity about your goals.

SAGITTARIUS GUY : His pas­sion is on over­drive. Find a time late in the month to book a full-on sex­ca­tion!

12.22-01.19 This is your month for love and lust. If you’re at­tached, fo­cus on your mate, and if you are sin­gle, stay alert. You’re about to find a con­nec­tion so pow­er­ful, it’ll make you do a double take.

YOU NEED : To say hello to in­ti­macy.

CAPRICORN GUY : Bow-chick­a­wow-wow! Shut the door and go to Pound Town— he’s frisky AF!

01.20-02.18 Work hard, play hard. You are killing it at the of­fice and throw­ing down on the dance floor. The 4th will be ex­tra rau­cous— stay out un­til dawn. You won’t re­gret it. And on the 26th, branch out from your girl gang.

YOU NEED : Some sleep! Pace your­self.

AQUARIUS GUY : He’s let­ting loose. Go to a mu­sic fes­ti­val, and find a quiet spot to frolic al­fresco.

02.19-03.20 You’re send­ing out sexy sig­nals left and right. And some­one un­ex­pected may catch them—and you—on the 9th. By the 31st, Venus will give your bud­ding ro­mance a jolt! Don’t ex­pect much down­time this month.

YOU NEED : To be spon­ta­neous.

PISCES GUY : Now’s the time to splurge on date night. Up the ante and he’ll one-up you with his down there at­ten­tion.

03.21-04.19 You may feel guilty about stay­ing home, but rel­ish time to nest or just hang with your squad. A big, game-time de­ci­sion may be loom­ing, but take stock of your deep­est dreams be­fore you pull the trig­ger.

YOU NEED : Quiet time with fam­ily.

ARIES GUY : Em­brace sum­mer vibes to­gether. He needs bed-tent time with you.

04.20-05.21 Sud­denly, thy cup run­neth over with good stuff. Find­ing time for old friends will make ev­ery­thing even more spe­cial. Sweet fi­nan­cial news may come on the 18th, when Venus, your lov­ing ruler, and Jupiter, the planet of good luck, join forces.

YOU NEED : Not to over­com­mit.

TAURUS GUY : He has to un­wind, and a lit­tle touch ther­apy from you will get him there.

05.22-06.20 They will all bow down to the sex god­dess that you are this month! But you’ll be able to stay grounded de­spite the am­ple at­ten­tion from ad­mir­ers, with Mars and the Sun in your zones of val­ues and pri­or­i­ties.

YOU NEED : To trust your gut.

GEMINI GUY : You are his North Star right now, so guide that boy any­where you want...

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