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What was your fa­vorite part about play­ing Ybarro/ Ybrahim?

Def­i­nitely not the fact that he was torn be­tween two girls (sis­ters Alena and Ami­han)! I like his char­ac­ter growth. Af­ter start­ing out with no clear di­rec­tion in life, he grew into his role as the long-lost heir to the throne of Sapiro.

did hav­ing your love team part­ner Gabbi Gar­cia (alena) around make the long hours of film­ing eas­ier?

Of course. We’ve known each other for three to four years now, so we’re fa­mil­iar with each other’s habits and quirks. I know when she feels down and needs a lit­tle pick-me-up. I know when she feels pikon al­ready and when I should stop with the teas­ing. We know each other in­side out.

What would you say is your love lan­guage?

Qual­ity time and acts of ser­vice. I like show­ing, in­stead of say­ing, how I feel.

do you re­mem­ber your very first date?

It was the girl who asked me out. She was 17, and I was 12. I had the big­gest crush on her, and I was so sur­prised that she liked me back. It all hap­pened so fast; I think what she said was, “Eh ‘di tayo na?” Just like that. For our first date, she wanted to watch a movie, but I was wor­ried about ask­ing per­mis­sion from my par­ents. I snuck out, and we ended up just grab­bing a bite at the mall.

How about the first time you asked some­one out?

I was in first year high school, and I re­mem­ber sav­ing my al­lowance for a movie date with the girl. For me, it’s not about where you go or what you do—what makes a date great is when you are happy to­gether and want to con­tinue spend­ing time with each other. but hon­estly, I’m not the “date” type of guy. I pre­fer go­ing to the girl’s house and meet­ing her fam­ily. With Gab, it was her par­ents who in­vited me over. I al­ways bring some­thing when I visit them, like flow­ers for Gab and puto from Marikina, my home­town, for her mom.

What are your plans now that en­can­ta­dia has wrapped up?

I miss do­ing in­die movies. I did Above the clouds, a movie with Pepe Dio­kno and Pepe Smith, about three years ago. I miss hav­ing more cre­ative free­dom to im­pro­vise on set. I also want to go is­land-hop­ping in Palawan or some­where not too crowded. If I had all the time in the world, I would go to Am­s­ter­dam. They say ev­ery­thing is le­gal there! (Laughs) No, I just want to have fun and let go of all my wor­ries.

“I like show­ing, in­stead of say­ing, how I feel.”

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