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Hun­gry? Brigitte Zeitlin, RD, founder of BZ Nutri­tion, sug­gests these treats to get your en­ergy up for round two.

Scram­bled eggs

It’s one of the eas­i­est things to make to­gether, and eggs are a great source of choline, a nu­tri­ent that sup­ports mus­cle func­tion and stamina. If you’re feel­ing fancy, throw some av­o­cado on top.

grapes or an ap­ple with cin­na­mon

Grapes are hy­drat­ing and of­fer a quickly di­gestible dose of en­ergy. Sprin­kling some cin­na­mon on an ap­ple also in­vig­o­rates your senses and wakes you up.

dark choco­late

This treat con­tains caf­feine and theo­bromine, stim­u­lants that can en­er­gize you. And eat­ing dark choc can re­lease happy chem­i­cals, like sero­tonin and en­dor­phins. Your re­ward for Snap­ping!

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