This is an epic ce­les­tial month: Two eclipses will light up the sky on the 7th and the 21st. Dream big and bold—the next six months will be ma­jor.

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0 8. 2 3 - 0 9. 2 2

You may feel su­per con­fused about big changes loom­ing, but be pa­tient, grasshop­per. With Mer­cury go­ing ret­ro­grade on the 12th, take time to get or­ga­nized and re­think your op­tions. You’ll find clar­ity on the 22nd.

Yo U Ne ed: Days full of self- care.

VI r G o GU Y : If he’s over­whelmed and hav­ing trou­ble open­ing up, hold on tight. By the end of the month, he’ll be all about you.

0 9. 2 3 - 10. 2 2

Your girl gang is top pri­or­ity this month—yasss, kweens—but if you feel like you’re drift­ing from one pal, pull her aside for a li’l chitchat. You’re about to strike gold on a project at work. Pre­pare for ku­dos on the 17th!

Yo U Ne ed: To have #Realtalk with your BFFS.

LI B r A GU Y: He’s ready to party. So join forces for a baller bash, but the real fun starts when ev­ery­one else goes home.

10. 2 3 - 1 1 . 2 1

You want to be recharged by the 21st, when you en­ter the best time of the year for your ca­reer. Schmooz­ing with co­work­ers and some ex­tra ef­fort will earn you high praise (and maybe a bonus!) from your boss.

Yo U Ne ed: To be self-aware. scorpi oG U Y : He’s hit­ting all his pro­fesh goals. Pop some bub­bly, and hit that all night long.

1 1 . 2 2- 12 . 2 1

Break out your pass­port—a trip be­fore the 15th could be life chang­ing. Prac­ti­cal Saturn lends a hand on the 25th, turn­ing up your am­bi­tion dial. The rest of the year will present op­por­tu­ni­ties to turn your hopes into re­al­ity. YOU Need: To pace your­self. sA G I T TA rI U s G U Y : He’s burst­ing with ideas. And some of them are XXX, so en­joy!

1 2 . 2 2- 0 1 .1 9

Things are fi­nally com­ing to a head. Lov­ing Venus and pow­er­ful Pluto are in op­po­si­tion on the 15th, forc­ing you to re­assess re­la­tion­ships. If you’re not into him any­more, cut the cord. By the 25th, Saturn will set you on a new path.

Yo U Ne e D : Be­lief in your­self. c Apri­corn GU Y : Put all his in­tense en­ergy to good use and get some ac­tion!

0 1 . 2 0 - 0 2 . 18

Your most im­por­tant bonds are in trou­ble this month, thanks to all the eclipses swirling in your op­po­site sign of Leo. Be­ware of the 7th: That’s when things get nuts! The rocky road evens out by the 26th. Some­one wor­thy of your time—and bod— will show up soon. Yo U Ne e D : In­tro­spec­tion. AQ UAR IU s G U Y : Drama’s in the air. Talk out your beef with him.

0 2. 1 9 - 0 3 . 2 0

Work life may be threat­en­ing to take over your whole life, but if you elim­i­nate dis­trac­tions, you’ll knock out tasks in no time. Dodge mis­un­der­stand­ings on the 12th, when ver­bal Mer­cury hits ret­ro­grade.

Yo U Ne e D : To check items off your to- do list.

p Is ce s GU Y : He’s so pro­duc­tive right now. Give him a pat on the back (or the butt!).

0 3 . 2 1 - 0 4 . 19

Your sex life has been all kinds of crazy this year, and with a clus­ter of plan­ets in your true love zone right now, you’ll have suit­ors lin­ing up. An ex look­ing for a part two may pop up when Uranus goes retro on the 3rd.

YOU nE E d : An open heart.

ar i E S gu Y : His good mood brings wild new moves. Just say “Yay!” when the party moves down­town.

0 4 . 2 0 - 05. 2 1

A chance meet­ing with a VIP near the 7th could sig­nal a ca­reer op­por­tu­nity in a new place. Weigh your op­tions care­fully be­fore mov­ing, but when you make the de­ci­sion, go full steam ahead. Your in­tu­ition won’t lead you astray.

YOU nE E d : To trust your gut.

tau­rus gu Y : His month­long mood will swing like a pen­du­lum. Steady him with your firm touch.

05. 2 2- 0 6 . 2 0

If fam­ily ten­sions arise near the 15th, con­sider the feel­ings of oth­ers, but speak your mind! On the 25th, Saturn goes di­rect in your re­la­tion­ship zone for the first time since April, bring­ing good vibes and good guys your way.

YOU nE E d : Some time en­joy­ing lo­cal hot spots.

g Emi n i gu Y : Boy might be amped AF this month, but if you need some QT, he’ll come run­ning.

0 6 . 2 1 - 0 7. 2 2

This month’s eclipses fall in your fi­nan­cial houses, which could line you up for a sur­pris­ing pay­day. Lusty Venus will also set up camp in your sign, so stay alert for some­one new, who could ex­cite you like no one has be­fore.

YOU nE E d : To fo­cus on your pri­or­i­ties.

cance r gu Y : He needs to know how much you care, so send a text that will make him swoon.

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