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Stolen gift


Giving the fanciest presents, such as a beautiful dress, a nice ring or a shiny necklace to our loved ones during their birthdays is pretty common. But have you ever received a stolen camel on your birthday?

You would not believe that a woman from Dubai got a stolen camel on her birthday, but it is not just a regular camel as it is a highly valuable newborn one.

News broke out earlier this week about a man who was arrested for allegedly stealing an expensive baby camel as a birthday gift to his girlfriend.

According to authoritie­s, an Emirati man called them to say a stray camel had wandered onto his farm. But when he was interrogat­ed, he eventually admitted that he trespassed on his neighbor’s farm and stole a rare breed of camel.

He also said he originally planned to steal an adult but failed to wrangle one. He confessed that he called the police when he grew worried about being caught.

Earlier this month, his neighbor called the police to report a missing baby camel. The police looked for the missing camel, but it was nowhere to be found.

The authoritie­s returned the camel to its owners and arrested the suspect. Her girlfriend was also arrested for theft and making false statement.

Gone are the days when camels play an essential part of life in Dubai. Some still raise camels for food and milk. But camel racing and camel beauty pageants still exist, drawing traders who are willing to pay millions of dollars for the most prized of breeds.

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