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Road safety favors MVIS (I)

Implementa­tion of a better MVIS is long overdue and should be done now

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(Editors note: Daily Tribune is running a series on the Motor Vehicle Inspection System to apprise motorists and the public on the value of the government scheme.)

Lately, the planned implementa­tion of the Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS) has received a strong backlash from motorists mostly due to higher fees and lack of transparen­cy in the bidding process.

The Department of Transporta­tion (DoTr) maintained there is a dire need for periodic inspection of vehicles, as conveyance­s which are not road worthy remain a death trap.

Transporta­tion Secretary Arthur Tugade remained unfazed. In his letter to President Rodrigo Duterte, a copy of which was seen by the Daily Tribune, Tugade reiterated that the implementa­tion of a better MVIS is “long overdue” and “should be done now.”

The letter, dated 10 February, also stated that the deferment of the measure “is anti-life and is detrimenta­l to public safety.”

Citing the Republic Act 4136 or the Land Transporta­tion and Traffic Code, Tugade argued that the implementa­tion of the MVIS is “legal” and “internatio­nally-accepted.”

He noted that under the law, the Land Transporta­tion Office (LTO) should ensure that registered vehicles are safe to use by conducting necessary inspection­s.

Safety not a political football

“I believe that safety must not be politicize­d. Efforts to protect and preserve it must not be demonized. It is imperative if we are to provide a comfortabl­e, convenient and safe life for the Filipinos — the legacy we want our children and future generation­s to enjoy,” Tugade said.

Citing data from the 2019 annual report of the Road Safety Unit of the Metropolit­an Manila Developmen­t Authority, the DoTr said there was a total of 121,771 road crashes in Metro Manila for the year, with an average of 334 cases per day.

Of this figure, 372 ended in deaths while 20,466 victims suffered from non-fatal injuries and 100,933 resulted in damage to property.

The DoTr said ensuring the roadworthi­ness and safety of vehicles will be addressed by the longoverdu­e implementa­tion of MVIS in the country.

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