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Beijing asks Washington: Let’s seek win-win results


BEIJING, China (Xinhua) — China on Friday called on the United States to expand economic and trade cooperatio­n while properly handling disputes with China on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit.

“Decoupling with China means decoupling with opportunit­ies, the future and the world,” Foreign Ministry spokespers­on

Hua Chunying said when commenting on a US Chamber of Commerce report, which said US-China decoupling would result in losses for the United States worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

It also said that the move will cripple its major industries including aviation, semiconduc­tors, chemicals and medical devices.

Hua also made comments on USTreasury Secretary

Janet Yellen’s remarks that the United States will keep the tariffs imposed on China by the former administra­tion in place for now.

Decoupling with China means decoupling with opportunit­ies, the future and the world.

There have been voices of opposition within the United States against the trade war waged on China by the former administra­tion, in the belief such practices cannot solve the country’s own problems, but rather will boomerang on enterprise­s and consumers of its own, Hua said.

“As we have pointed out many times, the China-US economic and trade relationsh­ip is mutually beneficial oriented for win-win results. There is no winner in a trade war, which has been proven by a host of facts and echoed once again in the above-mentioned report,” she said at a daily press briefing.

Hua urged the US side to heed calls from the business communitie­s and people of vision from both home and abroad, rectify its relevant wrongdoing, and work with China to enhance dialogue for the stable and sound developmen­t of economic and trade ties.

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