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Name: Lolita Game: Mobile Legends Role: Tank

Lane: Roaming

Lolita is a Mobile Legends tank hero initially released in 2016 notoriousl­y known for being a tough character to kill when up against ranged heroes thanks to her shield bonus and Guardian's Bulwark.

She has been buffed and revamped throughout the years by game developer Moonton that paved the way for her to become a meta hero in other regions.

Lolita was also often picked in the M3 Mobile Legends World Championsh­ip as well.


"I will protect you!" ABILITIES:

Noumenon Energy Core (Passive): If Lolita takes no damage in 5 seconds, Lolita gains a shield that can absorb 300 damage that lasts for 20 seconds. If Lolita is near an allied hero, they will also gain a shield.

Charge: Lolita dashes in the designated direction and enhances her next basic attack for 4 seconds. Her enhanced basic attack will make Lolita dash towards the target, deal physical damage, and stun the target as well for 0.8 seconds.

Guardian's Bulwark: Lolita raises her shield to block all incoming ranged basic attacks and projectile­s for 3 seconds. Use again to launch an energy blast that explodes upon hitting an enemy unit, dealing physical damage in a cone-shaped area. Each instance of damage blocked by this shield increases the damage of the energy blast by 35 and up to a maximum of 210 percent damage increase.

Noumenon Blast (Ultimate): Lolita immediatel­y gains a shield from Noumenon's energy core and begins charging for 2 seconds where she slows enemies in a fan-shaped area by 75 percent. Damage depends on the charging time.

When Lolita immediatel­y casts this skill before it reaches maximum charge, it will deal 350/500/650 (+100 percent Total Physical Attack).

When Lolita reaches its maximum charge, it will deal physical damage and stun her enemies in the area for 2 seconds.

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