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U.S./NATO needs WW3 to take down Russia

“Bread, not bullet is the key to peace, but they are burning the bread and making more bullets.


From the very beginning, the plan was flawed. The “Western Warriors” wanted to “surround” Russia by courting former Soviet satellites into North Atlantic Treaty Organinzat­ion (NATO). Then the final blow would be easy. They never realized that nuclear Russia would risk WWIII when cornered like a dog.

Ukraine was the last straw, the final buffer to the Russian border. US/NATO missiles and bases at Russia’s doorstep are unacceptab­le. It is the Cuban Crisis in reverse, missile threat a stone’s throw away from home. US/NATO has been seducing Ukraine to join the alliance for the last 15 years. Biden and Zelensky have been talking feverishly since the Russian invasion.

Perhaps it is the Marian interventi­on that Ukraine’s NATO membership encountere­d snags and it hangs by a thread (as of this writing). For the Virgin loves the Ukrainian people (read tribune.net. ph/index.php/2022/03/04/ marian-messages-to-ukraine/).

Once Ukraine joins NATO, the ongoing Russian invasion will intensify four-fold to preempt it. It will be Defcon 2 towards more escalation.

The Western Media plays a key role in catalyzing war by condemning Putin’s sins without citing US/NATO’s sins. Half-truths are a subtle form of falsehood. The hate culture targets readers to support the war. Like the Western Warriors, Western Media wants war. War means huge profits.

In 2002, Ukrainians were mostly against NATO membership, but when Russian troops were amassed at the border, there was a dramatic change. In October 2008, a Gallop poll showed 43 percent of Ukrainians believed NATO membership as a “threat” and 15 percent as a “protection.” Various surveys revealed that in June 2002, the ratio was 32 percent for, 33 percent, against, almost even. In December 2009, it was 21 percent for 60 percent against. In May 2014, it was back to even — 41 percent for 40 percent against. After Russia massed troops at the border, it soared to 64 percent for 15 percent against in January 2022. (Source —Wikipedia).

US/NATO says it will not join the war in Ukraine but simply give sophistica­ted weapons to the Ukrainians, which will kill more Ukrainians and Russians in a protracted war, while US/ NATO with little casualties are fence-sitters.

Why are warriors always in charge of forging the destiny of the planet? The peacemaker­s have a tiny voice and an ignored minority. The way to peace is hard but perhaps doable. Step 1 is a Ukraine declaratio­n that it will not join NATO and never permit bases and missiles there, submitted to the UN Security Council. Step 2 is to somehow achieve a truly NEUTRAL Ukraine. The hero Zelensky, if he would just have the political will to stay away from both US/ NATO and Russia, can actually negotiate for Russian withdrawal. But Russia is bent on replacing Zelensky with a pro-Russian leader. So, it is a tight rope walk.

The decades-old US/NATO aggression­s have catalyzed the Eurasian bloc, the polarizati­on of Eastern nations, a possible prelude to World War III. Russia, China, and Iran lead the bloc. Russia has formed the CSTO (Collective Security Treaty Organizati­on), a military alliance, which, just like NATO, has a mutual defense agreement. The members are Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan (withdrew later). Non-member observers include Afghanista­n and Serbia. China and Iran support CSTO advocacy.

We cannot expect the Western Warriors to sue for peace. Even the UN Security Council is not neutral, condemning Russia but not condemning US/NATO (which controls the council). So, Biden threatened to close Nord Stream 2, the gas pipeline which supplies 50 percent of Germany’s energy needs (perhaps this is now being done). Germany and Italy are reluctant to join the sanctions because they are also sanctions against the EU itself.

Bread, not bullet is the key to peace, but they are burning the bread and making more bullets.

A “sanctions war” is evolving with Russia launching cyber-attacks against the US banking system.

The Ukrainian war may trigger the beginnings of a “Global Economic Meltdown.”

Let us leave it to the Our Lady of Ukraine. She will find a way. Ukraine is David. US/ NATO and Russia are the two Goliaths. But the slingshot is Our Lady of Ukraine. Let us join Pope Francis in his prayer for peace in Ukraine.

“Once Ukraine joins NATO, the ongoing Russian invasion will intensify four-fold to preempt it. It will be Defcon 2 towards more escalation.

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