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Mondo raises bar anew


BELGRADE, Serbia (AFP) — Armand Duplantis warned “this is just the start” as he broke his own world record in the pole vault on Monday, clearing 6.19 meters at his third attempt at the indoor meeting in Belgrade.

“I feel like I can jump a lot higher than I’ve jumped. I feel like this is just a start. I think there are a lot more barriers to push, getting into the 6.20s,” Duplantis told reporters trackside.

The record came in the arena where the Indoor World Championsh­ips will start on 18 March with the men’s pole vault final on 20 March.

The 22-year-old Swedish Olympic champion broke the world record in an almost empty hall, and in a competitio­n where he was the only top-ranked pole vaulter.

After easily clearing 5.61m, 5.85m and then 6m, he passed 6.19m at his third attempt before rushing into the arms of his girlfriend at the edge of the track for a kiss.”I don’t usually practice with heights like this, but I felt really confident going to it today.”

“The only thing that was on my mind from the beginning was the world record,” explained Duplantis.

“That was the only thing I cared about today. If I didn’t break the world record, I was going to be upset.”

Duplantis added: “I think I’ve tried 6.19m 50 times.”

“It’s been a long time coming. I’ve never had a height that has given me that much trouble, so it’s a very good feeling. It was really hard fought over these past two years. I’m really happy.”

From now on I will attack 6.20 m, even in two weeks.

He had already attempted 6.19m this winter in Karlsruhe in Germany, Berlin, Uppsala in Sweden, and in Birmingham, without success.

“From now on I will attack 6.20m, even in two weeks,” he said, sure of his strength compared to the solid competitio­n of the American Chris Nilsen, who cleared 6.05m on Friday in Rouen.

The Swede had held the record since February 2020, when he cleared 6.17m in Torun in Poland and then 6.18m in Glasgow a week apart.

At times he seems able to raise the record one centimeter at a time, like the Soviet and Ukrainian great Sergey Bubka, who, in the days when outdoors and indoors were considered separate, broke the outdoor world record 17 times and set indoor bests 18 times between 1984 and 1994.

World Athletics has done away with the distinctio­n between indoors or outdoors in pole vault records.

Duplantis, nicknamed “Mondo,” was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, but competes for Sweden through his mother, who trains him with his father.

 ?? ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE ?? ARMAND Duplantis is second to none in pole vault.
ANDREJ ISAKOVIC/AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE ARMAND Duplantis is second to none in pole vault.

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