Esquire (Philippines) - - THE WOMAN WE LOVE - —KARA OR­TIGA

Tweetie saun­ters into the room with the earnest fem­i­nin­ity that only a mother of four—and a woman who is com­pletely self-dis­cov­ered—can pos­si­bly pos­sess. She is calm in her ap­proach and very gen­tle when she speaks, but once po­si­tioned in front of the lens, a sen­su­al­ity takes over, and she is at ease in her body, how to move it, how she wants to be poised. Her years work­ing as a model, ac­tress, and life­style per­son­al­ity al­lows to shine in the spot­light—and her self-as­sur­ance breaks through her more del­i­cate de­meanor.

“Maybe at this age it’s not so much the def­i­ni­tion of con­fi­dence that I have—its more like I know who I am, I know what I’m good at, I know what I’m lousy at—and I’m okay with all of those things. When you have gone through many things in life that only comes with a cer­tain num­ber of years here on earth, you learn so many things about your­self and how to re­late to the world and to oth­ers.”

To­day, she al­lots most of her time for her­self and her fam­ily, and runs her onewoman jew­elry business that gives her that cre­ative ful­fill­ment she’s look­ing for. It is her un­der­stand­ing of her­self that is en­vi­able and at­trac­tive—that a woman knows com­pletely what she wants is some­one who is a plea­sure to be with, and Tweetie is no ex­cep­tion to this fact. “As a young in­di­vid­ual, you’re al­ways chal­leng­ing your­self, push­ing your­self— which is good, that’s what you should be—but I just learned to re­lax be­cause I used to be like that, and even­tu­ally things will set­tle down.”

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