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250 g white onion, diced

150 g cel­ery, diced 50 g fen­nel bulb, diced 150 g leeks, diced

5 g fresh thyme 10 g whole black pep­per­corns 5 pcs lau­rel leaves 2.7 kg suck­ling pig 2 liters white stock or chicken broth

For the Pap­pardelle Pasta:

salt 360 ml suck­ling pig broth

5 g fresh thyme 100 g suck­ling pig meat 1 kg Pap­pardelle pasta

30 ml lemon juice 10 g Pecorino Ro­mano cheese

30 g but­ter 40 g arugula leaves


1. Pre­heat oven to 350ºF. 2. In a roast­ing pan, com­bine onions, cel­ery, fen­nel and leeks. 3. Add thyme, whole pep­per­corns and lau­rel leaves. Mix un­til well com­bined. 4. Place the whole pork on top of the veg­eta­bles and add the white chicken stock un­til the stock cov­ers pork. 5. Cover with foil and roast for about four hours. 6. Af­ter four hours, gen­tly re­move the pork from the pan and let it cool. 7. Trans­fer the broth into a sauce pan and let it re­duce by half. 8. Shred the meat of the pork. Set aside and store in the chiller.

For the Pap­pardelle Pasta:

1. Boil wa­ter with salt. 2. While the wa­ter is boil­ing, heat the broth with the fresh thyme for about five min­utes on a saucepan, or un­til re­duced by half. 3. Add the meat and gen­tly mix the sauce in. 4. Boil the pasta for about five to eight min­utes un­til cooked, or ac­cord­ing to the pasta pack­ag­ing in­struc­tions. 5. Add the pasta into the sauce and toss un­til pasta is well coated. Add lemon juice and Pecorino Ro­mano. 6. Fin­ish the pasta with but­ter and serve it on a plate. Top it with more Pecorino Ro­mano and arugula.

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