THE rich dude

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Sure, not all rich guys are bad boys, but some are. They buy women’s hearts with LV’S and Chanel. They raise a noisy fuss when the waiter at a restaurant serves them a sub­par meal. Rich dudes be­lieve that they are su­pe­rior to the rest of the hu­man race just be­cause of their money. If you’re mid­dle-class, not that bright, and you have no means of cre­at­ing a phone app that will turn you into a bil­lion­aire, for­get it. You’ll never be rich. Just buy a lo­cal beer on your way home, drink it—alone—and be happy with your “okay” pay­ing job. Your sin­cer­ity and to­tal ac­cep­tance of your lot in life will at­tract the right girl.

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