THIS LIST IS about THE only Thing That will not run out In THIS world.

FHM (Philippines) - - 100 Sexiest 2016 -

I mean, the world is chang­ing. Oil will run out. Food will run out when there are just too many peo­ple to feed. Ideas will run out when even­tu­ally no one both­ers to think, and AI has taken over. Your pa­tience has long run out sit­ting through hellish traf­fic that is to­day’s new nor­mal.

But this list? It’s stay­ing. Last I checked, this world is still pop­u­lated by males and fe­males. Bar­ring any cat­a­clysmic event or a glitch in evo­lu­tion that will ren­der women ex­tinct, leav­ing men to fend for, and fawn over, them­selves, we will not be vot­ing a guy on this list. As long as there are women, and some of them choose to be fa­mous, beau­ti­ful, and sexy, we will al­ways have FHM’S 100 Sex­i­est List.

As I went through your cho­sen 100, ex­cited that you voted in the cur­rent crop of new and young faces hold­ing their place in the celebrity uni­verse, it oc­curred to me that when the list started 16 years ago (it’s as old as the mag­a­zine it­self), we were as thrilled to have come up with a stel­lar lineup of new and young faces. But even then we were al­ready look­ing into the fu­ture. “Who will re­place these women when their time comes to take the cur­tain call?” The fu­ture just hap­pened.

This is the 2016 FHM 100 Sex­i­est List. To be sure, there are still classic beau­ties here, and it’s safe to say they’ll be stay­ing for a while. But the en­try of the young and the new sig­nals the con­tin­u­ous re­def­i­ni­tion of this list, and even now, as we think of the next gen­er­a­tion of cover stars who will soon take their place here, we are sure this list will en­joy a long run.

But we’re get­ting too far ahead. We have a Here and Now to cel­e­brate, her­alded by this year’s no. 1 who, by the way, was only seven years old when this list be­gan. She bided her time, honed her craft, pushed her­self to be bet­ter, and now she is. This is your year, Jessy Men­di­ola. Con­grat­u­la­tions!


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