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What it is ac­cord­ing to Wiki

“A colostomy is a sur­gi­cal pro­ce­dure in which an open­ing (stoma) is formed by draw­ing the healthy end of the large in­tes­tine or colon through an in­ci­sion in the an­te­rior ab­dom­i­nal wall and su­tur­ing it into place.”

Why you Would need one

This is usu­ally needed when a por­tion of your large in­tes­tine has to be re­moved either due to can­cer, ob­struc­tion, or per­fo­ra­tion. In those sit­u­a­tions, doc­tors need to re­move the af­fected ar­eas of the colon and su­ture to­gether the re­main­ing healthy por­tions.

What it’s re­ally like

“They bring out a por­tion of the small in­tes­tine out through the skin in the ab­domen and tie that to a bag. And ba­si­cally, that's where your shit will go.” AE, 4th year Med


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