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Not a story from an FHM shoot, we prom­ise

Most peo­ple cut their hair af­ter a breakup. Some peo­ple shop for a new wardrobe or find a new hobby. I’ve done all th­ese and yet I still don’t feel any bet­ter.

It’s been al­most two months since I broke up with my ex, Joseph. He was my first every­thing. We started dat­ing in high school, even went to the same col­lege, but only to find out he was screw­ing around for the past year. It ru­ined me be­cause I’m the good girl, a home­body, that some­one that’s the take-her-tomeet-the-par­ents type. But af­ter the breakup, I re­al­ized it’s never too late to be ad­ven­tur­ous.

I signed up for a nude photo shoot. My friend men­tioned that she knew two stu­dent film­mak­ers, Mitzi and Jay, who were look­ing for ‘open-minded and brave vol­un­teers’ will­ing to pose nude for one of those artsy, ex­per­i­men­tal, pho­tog­ra­phy projects. I con­tacted them and they said any body type is fine, which is a re­lief be­cause I re­ally wasn’t sure if short-haired, pe­tite girls like me would ever get in­vited to do nude pho­to­shoots.

The shoot was go­ing to be held in Mitzi’s condo unit, which was also a makeshift stu­dio. I ar­rived at around 5 PM and was greeted by a long-legged Chinita sport­ing a pixie cut and a rugged-look­ing moreno guy whose hair was tied in a pony­tail. I didn’t know which one of them was sex­ier: Mitzi, whose breasts were pop­ping out of her white V-neck shirt or Jay, whose arms were bulging out of his blue long sleeved polo.

"Hi you must be Vanessa. I’m Mitzi and this is Jay."

"Thanks a lot for vol­un­teer­ing," Jay said. "We’ll mostly do close-up shots of var­i­ous parts of your body. You can change in the bath­room," he said as he handed me a white bathrobe and a thong.

I went to the bath­room and took off all my clothes. I was sur­prised to see that my un­der­wear was pretty moist. I ran a fin­ger down my clit and felt my wet­ness. I didn’t re­al­ize how the idea of do­ing a nude shoot with hot peo­ple ex­cited me so much.

When I got out, the lights were dimmed. The liv­ing room was empty ex­cept for a black car­pet and a makeshift black back­drop. I slowly took off my robe hop­ing that the thong I wore could cover up how wet i was get­ting. Mitzi in­structed me to sit on the car­pet with my legs stretched out in front of me. She also helped me put on nip­ple tape. "We’ll do your legs first," Jay said. The next few min­utes were all about stretch­ing and bend­ing. Mitzi coached my poses while Jay took photos of my shoul­ders, neck and back. I couldn’t tell if ei­ther of them found me sexy but I se­cretly wished they did.

Af­ter a few min­utes of tak­ing close-ups of my belly, Jay and Mitzi re­viewed the photos they took.

"Vanessa, we no­ticed that we haven’t taken any photos of your thighs. Do you mind ly­ing down and open­ing your legs a lit­tle bit?" Mitzi asked.

I felt my­self blush as I spread my legs. Jay knelt down be­tween my legs as Mitzi watched us. Damn he was so close now. *Click* It was im­pos­si­ble for him to ig­nore my scent. *Click* Jay put my right leg up and I saw him breathe deeply. I felt the nip­ple tapes slowly peel­ing off be­cause of how erect my nip­ples were get­ting. *Click* Fuck, the thong had got­ten so wet it started to stick to the in­sides of my very moist lips. *Click* I was pretty sure my pussy was ex­posed so I mo­tioned for Mitzi to help me fix it. To my sur­prise, Mitzi reached out and pulled off the thong com­pletely.

She knelt be­tween my legs and slid a milky white fin­ger in­side my cunt. "Didn’t know you were a naughty girl," Jay said grin­ning at me. "And fuck­ing tight too," Mitzi added. Jay knelt be­side me and sucked my breasts. "Hm­mmm…’ I moaned, arch­ing my back as he gen­tly bit my nip­ple.

Jay pushed me down and strad­dled my face. His hulk­ing fig­ure tow­ered over me as I un­zipped his pants and took his cock out. He let out a huge moan when I wrapped my lips around his head. "Ug­gh­hhh yes baby, take it all in," he groaned thrust­ing in and out of my tiny mouth. Jay was just start­ing to gain speed when I felt Mitzi’s tongue on my clit.

Jay’s cock went all the way down my throat while Mitzi kept putting more fin­gers in­side me. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any bet­ter, Mitzi put my legs up and be­gan eat­ing my ass. She in­serted a fin­ger in­side my ass­hole and fuck, it felt so good I wanted to scream.

Jay’s thrusts went deeper and faster. "God baby, I’m cum­ming… tighter... fuck yes… ahhh... FUCK!" Jay let out a groan as he came into my throat. He sud­denly pulled out and re­leased his re­main­ing cum onto my breasts.

But Mitzi wasn’t done. ‘Ugh… fuck… fuck… so hot… ugh… shit!’ I kept moan­ing as Mitzi fucked my ass­hole while her other hand rubbed my clit. ‘Mitzi… oh… stop please… ah­h­h­hhh!" My or­gasms came one af­ter the other. "Cum for me," Mitzi said as she con­tin­ued rub­bing my clit roughly. Her fin­gers kept push­ing into my ass­hole send­ing me over the edge. "I’m cum­ming… oh shit… aah fuck!"

Mitzi licked my pussy and Jay’s re­main­ing cum on my breasts. Jay chuck­led and said, "Well, that was fun." I was still breath­less and weak.

"Fun? But I haven’t had my turn yet," Mitzi said lick­ing her lips as she sat on my face.

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