When is it ok to reach for the pow­der?


There are cer­tain oc­ca­sions in a man’s life when it’s per­fectly ac­cept­able to get our­selves dolled up. It doesn’t hap­pen of­ten but when it does, we can even get pretty en­thu­si­as­tic about it. Let’s take a look at the times when we’ve come face to face, or rather, face to brush with makeup, and come out look­ing nicer than ever.

1 When you’re a die-hard sports fan

Car­los, 30, En­tre­pre­neur “I’m a big foot­ball fan, and I was lucky enough to have watched the third-place match be­tween Nether­lands and Brazil dur­ing the 2014 FIFA World Cup right there at the sta­dium. I had the flag of Brazil painted on my face (be­cause I was scared the lo­cals would clob­ber me if I sup­ported Hol­land!).”

Prod­ucts: “Face paint lang yata.”

Dif­fi­culty: “Well, the hot bar­tender that put the makeup on me made it look easy, ha ha! I have zero art skills, so I’d prob­a­bly mess it up, ha ha.” Pret­ti­ness level:

2 When you have to be cam­ou­flaged

Luis*, 27, Sec­ond Lieu­tenant “I’ve been de­ployed in jun­gles a few times, and I had to learn proper headto-toe cam­ou­flage”

Prod­ucts: “Face paint. I also have a com­pact given to me by a friend from the US.”

Dif­fi­culty: “It was a bit dif­fi­cult at first. You don’t just paint your face green and brown hap­haz­ardly. There are ar­eas where you have to ap­ply lighter col­ors, and parts that call for darker col­ors. You also have to as­sess your en­vi­ron­ment, kung naka-green ka na face paint ta­pos nasa desy­erto ka, mukha ka lang tanga.” Pret­ti­ness level:

3 When you have to have your pic­ture pro­fes­sion­ally taken

En­rico, 31, Editor “The last time I had makeup put on my face was when we were shoot­ing the prenup pho­tos for my wed­ding.”

Prod­ucts: “The only thing they used was pow­der, and not a lot of it. I’m pretty sure it was all gone af­ter an hour or so be­cause I was sweat­ing a lot dur­ing the photo shoot.” Dif­fi­culty: “It was a sim­ple process; I prob­a­bably could have done it my­self. Un­less, of course, there’s a tech­nique other than "dab face with pow­der puff" that I am not aware of!” Pret­ti­ness level:

4 When you have to per­form on­stage

Nick, 31, Musician, Moon­wlk “If It's a larger event or stage, and we have gone all out with our at­tire, I'll throw on some eye­liner. No shame in look­ing ex­tra crazy!” Prod­ucts:: “Aside from eye­liner, face paint, and pow­dery shit, but I'm not sure ex­actly what I put on, ha ha! I once used lip­stick, but on my eyes.”

Dif­fi­culty: “Things may get a bit hot­ter and un­com­fort­able when wear­ing makeup while per­form­ing. I tend to sweat a lot on­stage, so it's in­evitable that I’ll mess up my makeup in the mid­dle of the set.” Pret­ti­ness level:

5 When you have to dress up for Halloween

Marco, 29, Busi­ness De­vel­op­ment Of­fi­cer “I’ve dressed up as The Joker [from The Dark Knight], Bulls­eye [from

Dare­devil) and Darth Maul [from Star Wars: The Phan­tom Men­ace].”

Prod­ucts: “My girl­friend used a lot of face paint and lip­stick. I think she also used an eye­liner. Basta parang pen­cil.”

Dif­fi­culty: “Def­i­nitely no! Even the Bulls­eye makeup wasn’t easy be­cause draw­ing a perfect cir­cle was harder than we thought, haha! I’m so glad my fi­ancé helped me out be­cause I’m sure I couldn’t do it on my own.” Pret­ti­ness level:

6 When you’re dead

Ra­mon*, 38, Em­balmer “Ito ‘yung last time na makikita ka ng mga ma­hal mo sa buhay bago ka ili­b­ing, so da­pat pogi ka.” Prod­ucts: “Pang­buhay yung gi­nagamit kong makeup, pero ang ten­dency kasi sa buhay, nag­memelt yung makeup kasi mainit ‘yung katawan mo, so mukhang nat­u­ral.

Dif­fi­culty: Pag sa patay, madalas kailan­gan mong ka­palan ta­laga para mukhang healthy at masaya ‘yung tao. Ta­pos da­pat may linala­gay ka sa ilalim ng mata saka may cot­ton ‘yung ilalim ng pis­ngi para hindi sila lu­mubog.” Pret­ti­ness level:

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