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“Are you sure about this?” I asked Tanya. But it was too late, she al­ready hit send. A few min­utes later, a rugged­look­ing guy with dim­ples and a beard was wav­ing at us from the lap­top screen. His mus­cles bulged from the fit­ted T-shirt he wore. “Hey, I’m Ivan,” the guy said. “So what are you guys up to?” Ivan asked.

“Oh you, know. Just laz­ing around, get­ting drunk!” I said show­ing him the al­most empty wine bot­tle.

“Looks fun. So, you’re best friends?” “Yup! We’ve done ev­ery­thing to­gether,” Tanya said putting her arm around me.

“Have you kissed?”

“Have we? Nope, don’t think so,” Tanya said look­ing at me.

“I dare you to kiss,” Ivan said with a cocky smile.

“What? Don’t be silly,” I said.

“Oh c’mon, Alexis. Live a lit­tle,” Tanya said, pulling me to­wards her.

Be­fore I could ob­ject Tanya was al­ready kiss­ing me, ten­derly and long­ingly. I heard Ivan let out a low whis­tle. Her lips were soft and plump. Sud­denly her kisses be­came hur­ried and more pas­sion­ate. In re­turn, I squeezed her breasts and kissed her neck. I snuck a peek at the lap­top and saw Ivan watch­ing us in­tently. The thought of him jerk­ing off made me take off my shirt and Tanya’s as well.

Tanya wasted no time un­clasp­ing my bra and throw­ing it aside. She then strad­dled me and hun­grily licked and sucked my breasts. I held her closer to me en­tan­gling my hands on her gorgeous brown locks. I took Tanya’s hand and guided her to­wards my moist­ness. She pulled down my shorts while look­ing at me with a sly smile.

“Shit you’re so wet. Hey, Ivan. Check this out,” Tanya said as she pulled her lap­top closer giv­ing Ivan a full view of my in­cred­i­bly wet pussy. “Fuck, Alexis. You’re sooo wet. I wanna lick you so bad.” Ivan sighed, stroking his cock. “Too bad you’re not here,” Tanya teased. Her tongue flicked at my clit be­fore reach­ing down my drip­ping cunt. I squirmed and squealed as her tongue probed deeper into my wet­ness.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any hot­ter, Tanya’s fin­gers found my G-spot. “Ah­hhh fu­u­u­u­uck. Uughh yes!” I screamed as Tanya added a third fin­ger in­side my cunt. “You’re so fuck­ing tight baby,” Tanya whined, twist­ing a fourth fin­ger in­side me. Her other hand reached up to squeeze my breasts but I grabbed it and sucked on her fin­gers.

“Oh god… you’re so hot. Cum for me,” Tanya sighed. Just when I was about to give in to my sweet re­lease, Tanya’s tongue re­united with my clit, mak­ing me squirt and scream so hard. “Fuck! Holy shit…ahhh! Don’t stop, please don’t stop!” I begged as my or­gasms sent me con­vuls­ing. Tanya pushed her fin­gers deeper and faster in me. When I thought it couldn’t get bet­ter, Ivan’s moans filled the room and brought me to the edge. I came again and again un­til my knees shook and my shoul­ders shiv­ered. Tanya gig­gled and gave my pussy one fi­nal kiss be­fore ly­ing down next to me.

“Fuck. You girls are amaz­ing!” Ivan said.

“En­joyed the show?” Tanya asked with an arched eye­brow.

“You bet. You’re both so fuck­ing hot,” Ivan said.

“Good ‘cause we were just warm­ing up,” Tanya smiled wickedly, un­but­ton­ing her jeans and low­er­ing my hand down her moist lips.

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