If you have gout, what can you NOT par­take of the Hol­i­day feast?

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I asked a doc­tor-friend and his sense of hu­mor is sick. “Def­i­nitely no beer or red wine, be­cause of the al­co­hol. Es­pe­cially beer. No ham be­cause of high salt con­tent. The red­der the meat the more uric acid there is, so it’s wise to stay off beef. Chicken is okay, but if you’re dip­ping it in gravy, no. You say your fam­ily has menudo as a mat­ter of tra­di­tion? If it has liver in it you can’t have it. Any­thing with high fruc­tose or su­gar con­tent is out—so no cakes, no leche flan. No fruit salad be­cause of the sweet­ened cream. Soft drinks are out.”

“So what else is left?!,” I protested.

“Wa­ter na lang in the end,” said my doc­tor-friend, who is no friend at all. Lucky for me I don’t have gout—yet. I would never want it for my­self, but look­ing at the check­list my doc­tor-friend gave me of food I should avoid, I might as well have signed up years ago. Ev­ery­thing I love to eat (ex­cept liver) is on it: go easy on beef and pork, fruit juices, salt and su­gar, gravy and sauces. Avoid al­co­hol, la­man-loob, liver, shell­fish like shrimps and crabs, dilis, ba­goong, food with high fruc­tose corn syrup found in sweet food.

Why am I be­ing such a killjoy? Be­cause that is ex­actly what gout is—the ul­ti­mate killjoy—and we know you’re get­ting ready to eat your way through all the par­ties this sea­son and we think it’s our re­spon­si­bil­ity to tell you to go easy (Got Gout?, p.58) or else risk get­ting it, es­pe­cially if you’re not yet aware that your uric acid lev­els are high. We talked to two guys who have it, and they told us in no un­cer­tain terms that gout is painful. Gout is also a chronic dis­ease, mean­ing if you get it, you will have it for a long time, if not for life. We hope this fea­ture gets you to shape up next year.

But you say you’re healthy and young, gout is still out. That’s what some of my now gout-rid­den friends thought so, too. One is a triath­lete who still drinks beer to his heart’s con­tent; the other, one of my best friends since grade school who was once a beast on the b-ball court, but who re­cently had to take two weeks off work be­cause he couldn’t walk. Granted, they’re al­ready in their 40s, but they were once in their 20s like many of you.

Hav­ing said all th­ese, en­joy your noche buena and me­dia noche!

(With what­ever damn good thing is left for you to eat...)

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