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Sur­face Web

Web-based that can be in­dexed by search en­gines like Google and Ya­hoo. The ar­ti­cles you can read on Fhm.com.ph, for ex­am­ple, are on the sur­face web.

Deep Web

Web-based con­tent that are coded so they can’t be in­dexed by search en­gines. The Deep Web is way big­ger than the sur­face web, and it isn’t as ne­far­i­ous as you might think it is—a large chunk of what you’ll find there are im­age gal­leries, stag­ing web­sites, un­pub­lished con­tent, or archived pages. The back­end of Fhm.com. ph? Part of the deep web. The spread­sheet you made on Google Sheets? Also part of the deep web. Same goes for pages that can only be ac­cessed dur­ing a spe­cific time­frame or via a unique URL, like We­trans­fer.com down­load links. It’s mostly harm­less, re­ally.

Dark Web

This is the un­der­belly of the deep web, where all the scary stuff hap­pens. Dark web­sites can only be ac­cessed by spe­cial soft­ware that let users surf in to­tal anonymity—which is very im­por­tant, be­cause you never know who might be watch­ing you over there.

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