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NAKIBOT si Kathryn Bernardo sa nabatian nga ginsiling kuno ni Sharon Cuneta sa presscon sang Three Words to Forever nga luyag sang Megastar nga maupod liwat sa pelikula si Kathryn.

Matam-is naman ang yuhom ni Kathryn sa iya nabatian, kag ayhan matuman ini sanglit luyag man ni Kathryn nga matuman ang dream project nga ginhinambitan ni Sharon. Gani indi ang Three Words to Forever ang last movie nga magkaupod sanday Sharon kag Kathryn.

Siling ni Sharon sa iya post: “I am so happy to have been given this chance to work with Kathryn. It is so refreshing and heartwarming to spend so many days with a new Box-Office Queen, a Superstar, a good actress, someone who is beautiful, simple, sincerely sweet and kind, respectful to her mother and to everyone she works with. A great girlfriend too. Love you Kath. Stay as sincere and true as you are. You take care of your heart, and everything else will keep falling into place! Love you too, Daniel (Padilla). Whatta guy! A Padilla—but even better! Can you imagine?. Oh-almost forgot – I also have no fears or hesitations in opening up to her. It came so naturally. I know in may heart right away that I could trust this girl. Thank you, Kath, for listening to me and for all your thoughts too!”

Matahom naman ang sabat ni Kathryn sa pamangkot kon indi bala sia pressured nga matupongan sang Three Words to Forever ang box-office gross sang The Hows Of Us nila ni Daniel?

Ang Three Words to Forever isa ka family movie, kag luyag ko ma-touch ang kada pamilya nga makatan-aw sini. Happy ako sa materials kag luyag ko nga matan-aw ini sang tanan,” sabat naman ni Kathryn.

Ini ang una nga pelikula ni Kathryn nga indi niya kaupod si Daniel Padilla umpisa sang mapasakop sa big league ang KathNiel. Sanday Kathryn kag Daniel ang nagakapot sang record bilang highest grosser sa local movie industry. Sa estorya, tungdan nanday Richard Gomez kag Sharon Cuneta

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