Steelseries ri­val 310

Ri­val 700 Made Lighter

HWM (Philippines) - - Test - By James Lu

The Steelseries 310 fea­tures an er­gonomic right-handed shape that feels very sim­i­lar to the 700. Its shape makes the mouse best suited for palm and claw grips, and the large rear end helps keep the mouse se­cure in the base of your palm. The weight is evenly dis­trib­uted with the cen­ter of mass sit­ting right in the mid­dle of the mouse. It’s a com­fort­able shape and fairly safe for most hand sizes.

The mouse has a tex­tured plas­tic fin­ish that feels slightly gritty and does a great job at help­ing you main­tain your grip. There’s also rub­ber­ized grips on both sides for ex­tra sta­bil­ity. The left and right mouse but­tons fea­ture a split-trig­ger de­sign, which means both but­tons are sep­a­rate from the shell it­self, with Om­ron switches un­der­neath. The switches them­selves are crisp, and are light enough so that fin­ger fa­tigue isn’t an is­sue. The scroll wheel has the same rub­ber­ized fin­ish as the side grips and has an in­ter­est­ing notch pat­tern cut into it. It’s a fairly ba­sic scroll wheel which is a bit light and a lit­tle loose, so it’s not ideal for bunny hop­ping. Be­hind the scroll wheel there’s a ded­i­cated DPI but­ton. DPI can be set to any­where be­tween 100 to 12,000, but you’ll need to in­stall the Steelseries En­gine soft­ware to do so. You’ll also need En­gine to cus­tom­ize the RGB light­ing on the logo and scroll wheel. The ca­ble on the 310 is made of a light­weight, soft rub­ber that I re­ally like. It doesn’t kink or drag on the ta­ble and it should work with most mouse bungees.

On the un­der­side of the mouse, the 310 has an un­usual three feet setup with one large foot in front, and two smaller ones at the rear. The feet are smooth and fast though, and I didn’t no­tice any dif­fer­ence com­pared to more tra­di­tional two and four feet set­ups.

The Ri­val 310 uses the Steelseries True­move3 op­ti­cal sen­sor which is the brand’s cus­tom ver­sion of the Pixart PMW3360. The sen­sor is lo­cated right in the mid­dle of the base, which matches its weight dis­tri­bu­tion. Steelseries’s im­ple­men­ta­tion is on par with other pop­u­lar 3360 mice, and tracks flaw­lessly at any DPI, with no ac­cel­er­a­tion, de­lay, jit­ter, smooth­ing, pixel skip­ping, or spin out is­sues. Lift off dis­tance is fairly low, and is roughly equiv­a­lent to 1 CD (~1.2mm).

The Ri­val 310 doesn’t have all of the ad­vanced fea­tures of the Ri­val 700, but it does offer a com­fort­able er­gonomic shape and a top-of-the-line sen­sor in a light­weight pack­age, all of which make it one of the best FPS mice out there.

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