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lauded Kris Aquino on her birthday blog in which she articulated her feelings on being a mom and being in love.

“So at almost 47 years old (at the time of this writing) the exact age my Mom was when we went to Boston to live in exileI’ve come to the conclusion that my unquestionable work ethic is no longer a protective coat to erase in my psyche the wrong relationship choices of my past, it’s now the legacy I wish to leave for my children.

“So that when Bimb is asked about his Mom he will always be confident in answering that “She loves Kuya and me so much that’s why she works so hard to provide for us BUT she’s also always there- it’s not like we ever feel that she’s not around even if she’s super busy.”

“My work motivation used to be my way to salvage my wrongs, to win back my Mom’s trust, and ultimately to make her proud of me. I can never celebrate my birthday without honoring my Mom... But I feel NOW, I’ve finally evolved into what she always prayed I would be- a woman who worked hard for her success, shares the credit and makes the effort to affirm jobs well done by those working for and with her, someone who knows how to express sincere gratitude for blessings and kindnesses, and most importantly a Mother who knows that her boys will always come first.

“Trust me when I say it is difficult to stay grounded and down to earth when you are me... There is the most flattering adulation and also the most vitriolic bastardization of my existence. BUT- I finally found the best parts of me through the love of my 2 sons. I thrive most because they need me, and my bunso, whom I believe heaven molded in his outspokenness so that I can experience 200% of what my Mom had to endure from menever sugarcoats, sometimes gives way more information than even I am ready for, but has unwavering faith in me and my abilities, and most of all, is just so naturally compassionate and innately caring that when I pray- all I can now do is say THANK YOU GOD because you gave me sons who make me appreciate today, and make me look forward to every single tomorrow.

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