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More than five decades nang uso si Susan Roces. Kahit mga millennials ay kilala ang aktres, na asawa ng yumaong Action King na si Fernando Poe Jr. at ina naman ni Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, bilang Lola Flora sa "Ang Probinsyano" at sa linyang "Wag mahihiyang magtanong..."

To get to know more about the Queen of Philippine Movies, narito ang kanyang unica hija to talk about her mom.

Inquirer: During your younger years, what were the home remedies and comfort food that your mom gave you when you were sick?

Grace Poe Llamanzares: My mom would insist that I eat pospasor lugaw. I didn’t particularly enjoy it, but she was unrelenting. She would rub manzanilla on my belly when I had stomachache. She would call for a hilot and a magtatawas when I had high fever.

Maybe it was all psychological, but it was really about having a loving mother that truly mattered.

Inquirer: You and your mom are always so poised. Any deglamorized moments? GPL: She’s very

down to earth. We ride our old Sarao jeepney to the farm, with our mattress tied on top of it. On our way back, we would be sharing the ride with sacks of buko and bananas harvested from our farm.

Inquirer: How did your mom spoil and discipline you?

GPL: My mom didn’t spoil me, materially. On the contrary, she was generous with her time and undivided attention. She still is. She’s the best listener. When I am done pouring my heart out, she’ll share her thoughts on the matter, which are always spot-on. She is wise and insightful.

Disciplined? You bet. She may seem meek and patient, but if she gets mad, it’s best to stay away. She would ground me, but she was also quick to forgive, as long as she saw that I was truly remorseful.

Inquirer: What ticks her off? GPL:

My mom is pleasant, but if you provoke her, she will stand her ground. When she was writing her speech (on index cards) in response to the “I am sorry” statement of GMA (former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo), she seemed very serious and calm. In fact, when she read it to me, she said it quite monotonously. So, we were all shocked when she finally delivered the speech with such fire and passion.

Inquirer: What don’t people know about Susan Roces?

GPL: She seems poised, but she can be fiery. She hates spending on anything luxurious, but she will not scrimp on food and a good education. My mother is probably the wisest and most intelligent person I know. She’s realistic and practical, but she is always guided by a deep sense of conviction.

She instilled in me the importance of independence, being self-sufficient and developing a strong work ethic.

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