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THE one thing interviewees love about Rhian Ramos is that she doesn’t give “show biz” answers whether it’s about love, life and politics.

And she's quotable, too. Daming hugot kaya relate na relate ang fans niya.

Evidence? Read on.

How do you deal with thoughts that haunt you about “the one that got away”?

First: Life isn’t always up to you. Don’t beat yourself up.

Second: It isn’t over till it’s over.

Third: They may have gotten away for a good reason.

What have you left unsaid to him? Probably the same thing that everyone that has left unsaid—which is, telling the actual person that he’s “the one that got away.”

What’s something you haven’t done before that you want to do this year?

Live alone without any help.

If you could travel back in time, what would you have done differently?

Nothing. There isn’t anything you can’t turn around in the present and no one needs a time machine for that.

What do you hate about love?

The part where you realize that someone else has so much power to hurt your feelings. Ugh. Yup, I hate that.

What was your most em- barrassing moment?

There’s a lot, but my first couple of TV appearances take the cake, because I remember running offstage while the music was still playing (for a dance production), so I could vomit from the stage fright.

Would you rather fall for a gay man or a lesbian?

Probably a gay man. I see myself as a girl with masculine energy, so I would need the opposing feminine energy around.

Which would you choose: Love without sex, or sex without love?

Love without the sex, for sure! Love lasts.

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