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Even sans make up, Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez is such a head-turner. But while some beauties only have something between their legs, she has something between her ears—and it shows. No wonder she glows.

Here’s Dollywood's chat with Katarina:

Are you willing to join showbiz?

I wouldn’t close my doors.

What’s your advice to aspiring beauty queens who aren’t that eloquent?

Read a lot! Ask different people about their opinions on current events and situations and really listen. Think of five core values or stories that are relatable, to which you can fall back on.

How would you handle an indecent proposal?

With composure and grace, always.

What will it take for a guy to pin you down?

Persistence, effort and “lambing.” Take an effort not just towards courting me, but also in what he does in life and how he is towards his career and family.

What’s the craziest thing that you’ve done for love?

Go to the airport after a huge fight, right before he was going to fly off to Europe for the summer.

What’s one love advice that you follow?

The love you give is the love you will receive.

What turns you on and off in men?

On: consistency, honesty and loyalty. Also, I like tall guys who smell good.

Off: inconsistency, secrets, and if they’re not responsible. And I don’t like drama/negativity.

If you would be a judge in the next Miss World Philippines, what question would you ask the finalists?

I would ask what their favorite book is. What a person reads and gets inspired by tells a lot about them.

What’s your take on plastic surgery?

I personally would not undergo any surgery, unless it’s completely necessary. Although I’m not against it, it’s just not something I would do.

If you had to choose between love and career, which would you pick?

I don’t think that it would really be love if I were made to choose between love and career. True love or unconditional love would never make you choose.

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