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CBCP urges faithful to dress properly during hot summer months


The hot summer season nor the El Niño is not an excuse for the faithful not to follow the proper dress code in church, said an official of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippine­s. (CBCP)

“The required clothing for attending masses and other church services does not go with the changing of seasons,” said Fr. Jerome Secillano, executive secretary of the CBCP Permanent Committee on Public Affairs.

“Even if we are in the summer season propriety requires church-goers to be decently clothed,” added Secillano.

The CBCP official reminded the faithful that the wearing of the appropriat­e attire in church is a sign of respect not only to a holy place but most especially to God.

“The whole point of the matter is not to just simply wear your summer attire for church services. It is about respect,” said Secillano.

“Remember that appropriat­e clothing is an expression of respect not only to a holy place like the church but most especially to God,” he added.

If the heat is unbearable, Secillano said, the faithful may opt to settle for light-colored clothes or those made of thin materials.

“To help them, churches should also perhaps install more electric fans,” he said.

To note, the Ministry for Liturgical Affairs of the Archdioces­e of Manila in 2007 issued a guideline urging the faithful to dress properly when they go to church or attend Mass as a sign of respect to the sanctity of the house of God.

In the said guidelines male Catholics are encouraged to wear long-sleeved polo shirts, collared shirts, or t-shirts paired with either slacks or jeans. Women, on the other hand, are asked to wear dresses, long gowns, or collared blouses.

Corporate attire and school uniforms are also allowed inside churches.

Male Catholics, however, are discourage­d from wearing caps, basketball jerseys, tank tops or jersey shorts and shorts while women are urged not to wear spaghettis­trap tops or tank tops, short skirts, skimpy shorts or sleeveless shirts with plunging necklines during Mass.

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