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ASG does an ISIS, cuts water supply to Maluso


ISABELA CITY, Basilan (PNA) – Not content with beheading a militiaman guarding a local water facility here, the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) blew up a major pipeline of the Maluso Water District (MAWAD) Saturday that has rendered the town without water for days.

According to authoritie­s, ASG members used an improvised bomb in blowing up the pipeline located in Barangay Upper Mahayahay.

Upper Mahayahay Barangay Chairman Ariel Castillo said yesterday the ASG bandits destroyed the pipeline after MAWAD management refused to pay monthly protection money of

Castillo said the ASG 1brigands behind the destructio­n of the pipeline were led by a certain Jack, whose group is based in the nearby municipali­ty of Sumisip.

At present, fire trucks of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) based in this city are providing for the daily water needs of the residents of Maluso, especially the MAWAD consumers.

Jack’s group is believed to behind the beheading of a member of a Civilian Active Auxiliary (CAA) unit that guarding the water facility, also last Saturday.

Police identified the victim as Daning Lumayon. His M-16 rifle, a bandolier with magazines and ammunition were also taken.

Chief Inspector Edwin Placio said CAA members were patrolling the water lines of MAWAD for reported presence of explosive devices when they encountere­d Jack’s group.

They chanced upon the group and a firefight ensued. CAA member Kila Lumayon was also wounded in the encounter.

Authoritie­s said two other bodies believed to be members of the armed group were discovered during clearing operations.

Apparently, the attack on the major MAWAD pipeline was aimed at crippling water supply not only on residents of Maluso but also on the military and militia units in the area.

The ASG could have lifted this strategy from the tack taken by ISIS in its own war against government forces in Iraq wherein its fighters cut off water supply to towns loyal to the government by closing the gates of a Ramadi dam.

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