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A world at peace

- READ: MICAH 4:1-7 Ev­ery­one will live in peace and pros­per­ity, en­joy­ing their own grapevines and fig trees, for there will be noth­ing to fear (v.4). Religion · Spirituality · Philosophy · Social Sciences · Singapore · Utopia

MY friends and I once in­ter­viewed be­liev­ers of the four ma­jor re­li­gions prac­tised in Sin­ga­pore to find out their teach­ing on utopia. This topic in­trigued us, for we knew that all peo­ple live in an im­per­fect world.

The chal­lenges of liv­ing in a fallen world in­clude more then just eco­nomic up­heaval and the ero­sion of godly mo­rals. Daily, peo­ple face the prospects of bro­ken re­la­tion­ships, shat­tered dreams or the death of loved ones. There’s no way to es­cape the pain and hard­ships of life on planet Earth.

Is it re­al­is­tic, then, to wish for utopia? Not if you’re a Chris­tian. But in Micah 4, we are given a glimpse of the “last days” when God will bring peace and restora­tion to our world. At that time, peo­ple from all na­tions will learn to fol­low God’s law and teach­ings (v.2). At that time, a big de­fence bud­get will not be re­quired be­cause a calm will come over all the na­tions as they turn their en­er­gies to peace­ful pur­poses and aban­don war (v.3). Peo­ple will live with­out fear, hav­ing se­cu­rity, pros­per­ity and bless­ing (v.4). And God will have taken cen­ter stage (v.1).

Sound too good to be true? Micah as­sures us that the very mouth of Almighty God had spo­ken these words (v.4). These prom­ises came from Him, not just from the prophet. Isa­iah ut­tered the same pre­dic­tions (Isa­iah 2:2-4). The same Spirit gave the same prophe­cies — things will surely come to pass.

So, as we look for­ward to that day, may we say, “Though the na­tions around us fol­low their idols, we will fol­low the Lord our God for­ever and ever” (Micah 4:5). There’s no need to try to con­jure up utopia in this life. We know that in God’s time, He will bring peace to our world. — Poh Fang Chia

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