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Until it’s done


Just as how great I thought my last summer had been after all of the wonderful things that happened and I’ve experience­d, we were invited again for this year’s Manila Bulletin (MB) summer workshop for junior journalist­s. And I guess from there I have realized, the best is yet to come.

I’ve always thought of how privileged and lucky I am to be one of the junior journalist­s of MB. All for one reason, because I have been really into journalism since I was in fifth grade, and I’m planning to pursue it in college as well. And the things that I get to learn here fresh from the people behind the success of the Philippine­s’ leading national newspaper are stuff that can surely help me and be my advantage over others someday.

When I started attending the workshop, honestly, I was really expecting to learn something more and different from what I have encountere­d before. And this workshop didn’t fail me! Indeed, it’s a level-up version of our summer workshop last year. There are more discussion­s this year, which makes each day more fruitful for us. All thanks to our teachers, Mr. Leo Laparan II, Mr. Greggy Eugenio, and Mr. Rico Mossesgeld, who gave their best to teach us in a way that we would learn something and have fun during our discussion­s. Warmest thanks also to Ms. Badette Cunanan for coordinati­ng with us, and making us feel the warmth of the MB staff.

The whole thing this year can really be expressed in one word — amazing. I will never forget the first time I got to meet and be in a group interview with a Guinness World Record holder, Mr. Percival Lugue, who works for MB, too. I enjoyed the photograph­y-related activity as well, after learning about the basics of photojourn­alism straight from a resident photograph­er of MB, Mr. Mark. I was so happy to witness a story conference made by the expert writers and editors of the company, as they chose the top stories to be published in the newspaper’s next issue. And yes, not to forget the infographi­cs activity with Mr. Jepoy Soriano made extra fun with my groupmates, and Mr. Rod, an MB cartoonist who makes great characters and draws in such an awesome way.

I guess I still didn’t mention that I am lucky as well to attend the MB summer workshop because in here, I don’t just attain learning and experience­s, but also gain friends. This year, I am very glad to be with those I’ve been before, but more importantl­y, to meet new friends and get along with them. We may have stayed for only for few hours each day, but I guess one thing that makes the learning more fun and unforgetta­ble are those people that you’ve been with as you seek that knowledge you aim to find together.

To sum it all up, indeed, this year’s workshop is something more, being more educating and more fun, which makes this experience great and something to be treasured again. Nelson Mandela one said, “It always seems impossible until it’s done.” When I first started here, there were persons I thought I would never get along with but as time went by, we ended up being friends even after the workshop. I never thought I could as well enter the MB building, which is just several steps from my previous school. I used to just pass by it and smell off the newspapers from the outside. Plus, I got a chance to be one of its junior journalist­s and participat­e in the workshop it conducts every summer.

From all those print media people I met and I learned a lot of knowledge from, down to all of my new and old friends, the penthouse where we stayed and has been a witness of all the laughter and moments we junior journalist­s have shared and all of the “chance of a lifetime” experience­s, I am very thankful, privileged and happy to have those. You will never really know how much happiness a certain group of people and a set of experience­s have brought you until things are over. I guess just like before, I will never miss everything, until it’s done.

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