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Police recommend charges vs ‘crazy yellow car’ driver


The Makati City Police (MCP) has recommende­d the filing of charges against the lady driver who crashed her yellow compact car into vehicles and security personnel in Makati last month.

Sr. Supt. Elmedio Tagra, MCP officer-incharge, also recommende­d that driver Jamie Camille Lee Brojan, 28, should undergo medical examinatio­n to determine if she is fitness to drive and to possess a driver's license because she could pose danger to the public.

“She should be subjected to medical assessment if she is still qualified to drive a vehicle and to possess a driver's license," said Tagra, in his two-page report.

While the suspect and the security guards of Rockwell entered into an amicable settlement, Tagra said Brojan “is still responsibl­e to the damaged properties and should suffer the consequenc­es of her doings.”

Tagra noted Brojan "reacted dangerousl­y" while being apprehende­d for a traffic violation. However, the “suspect's health condition cannot be ground for her to be exempted from any liability."

Earlier, the parents of the suspect claimed she was bipolar and was taking medication.

“This incident could happen again and will endanger other people around her if her brain will initiate again by an unpleasant situation while on the road and driving a vehicle,” said Tagra.

The police made the recommenda­tions after Mayor Abigail Binay directed authoritie­s to conduct a full investigat­ion into the incident and file appropriat­e charges. The police report is now with the City Legal Department.

The suspect surrendere­d to the police after over an hour of recklessly driving to evade her pursuers who were trying to apprehend her for a traffic violation. Several vehicles and properties were damaged and several security guards injured.

Binay earlier said the case should not be treated lightly as it involved serious offenses that not only damaged government property, but also endangered the lives of pedestrian­s and motorists along the route taken by the driver.

“Mere extrajudic­ial settlement with injured parties does not automatica­lly absolve the driver of her criminal liability. We will be filing appropriat­e charges against the driver based on the results of the police investigat­ion, and let the Fiscal determine if the case should be filed in court,” she said.

The police had said Brojan, who was also found driving without a license, has not come back to the police station to present her driver’s license. She has also pledged to submit a medical certificat­e attesting that she was “bipolar”, as she and her relatives have claimed.

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