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Trump pledges to unite ‘very divided nation’


CINCINNATI (AFP/AP) – Donald Trump pledged at his first post-election victory rally Thursday to heal America’s deep wounds, saying the country had no choice but to come together and reject bigotry.

“We’re a very divided nation. But we’re not going to be divided for long,’’ the president-elect told thousands of supporters at an arena in Ohio, an early stop on a victory tour that will take him to several battlegrou­nd states.

“We’re going to find common ground and we will get the job done properly,’’ he added.

“We condemn bigotry and prejudice in all of its forms... (and) reject the language of exclusion and separation.’’

In the same post-election victory rally, Trump said he was set to nominate retired Gen. James Mattis to be his defense secretary. Mattis, 66, is a Marine Corps general who retired in 2013 after serving as the commander of the US Central Command.

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