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Trump was to get a call from Duterte last night


President Duterte was scheduled to make a phone call last night to United States President-elect Donald Trump to congratula­te him on his victory.

Duterte had given a congratula­tory message to Trump shortly after his election as the 45th US president.

The Chief Executive was to

make his congratula­tory call to Trump from Davao City at 10:30 p.m. (Manila time), Malacañang said.

“Ayaw ko (na) makipag-away kasi nandiyan na si Trump (I no longer want to pick a fight because Trump is already there),” the President said speaking before members of the Filipino community in Malaysia last November 9.

He also likened his being foulmouthe­d to Trump, saying: “Pareho tayo nagmumura. Konting rason lang, mura kaagad; pare-pareho kami (We curse alike. For the littlest reasons, we curse; we’re the same).”

Duterte’s relationsh­ip with the US soured due to criticisms against his bloody war against illegal drugs. He had repeatedly lashed out at outgoing US President Barack Obama.

But following Trump’s victory, Duterte appeared to have softened his stance against the US as he expressed optimism that Philippine­s’ relations with its longtime ally would improve.

And according to Duterte, he has no issues with Trump as the latter has not meddled in human rights issues. “Wala man kaming away (We have no quarrel). I can always be a friend to anybody especially to a president, chief executive of another country,” he said. Congratula­tions to Thai King On the other hand, the Philippine government congratula­ted the new Thai King Maha Vajiralong­korn on his ascension to the throne and wished him success.

“The Philippine­s wishes to convey our warmest congratula­tions to his Majesty King Maha Vajiralong­korn on his accession and proclamati­on as the King of Thailand,” Presidenti­al Communicat­ions Assistant Secretary Marie Banaag said during a Palace news conference.

“We are confident that his reign will continue to bring happiness, peace and prosperity to the Thai people. We wish for him success as he leads the Kingdom of Thailand,” Banaag added.

The Thai Crown Prince became the country’s new king, succeeding his much-revered father, the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej who died last October 13 at the age of 88. (With a report from Genalyn D. Kabiling)

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