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Why cause grief?

- READ: HEBREWS 13:17-19

Obey those who rule over you,... for they watch out for your souls. v. 17

PAS­TORS make an easy tar­get for crit­i­cism. Every week they are on dis­play, care­fully ex­plain­ing God’s Word, chal­leng­ing us to­ward Christ­like liv­ing. But some­times we look to find things to crit­i­cize. It’s easy to over­look all the good things a pas­tor does and fo­cus on our per­sonal opin­ions.

Like all of us, our pas­tors are not per­fect. So I’m not say­ing that we should fol­low them blindly and never con­front er­ror through the proper chan­nels. But some words from the writer of Hebrews may help us find the right way of think­ing about our lead­ers who are pre­sent­ing God’s truth and mod­el­ing ser­vant lead­er­ship. The writer says, “Have con­fi­dence in your lead­ers and sub­mit to their author­ity, be­cause they keep watch over you as those who must give an ac­count” (13:17 Niv).

Think about that. Be­fore God, our pas­tor is re­spon­si­ble for guid­ing us spir­i­tu­ally. We should want that bur­den to be joy­ous, not griev­ous. The pas­sage in­di­cates that caus­ing grief for the pas­tor “would be of no ben­e­fit” (v. 17 Niv). We honor God and make things bet­ter for our church when we give honor to those He has ap­pointed as our lead­ers. — DAVE BRANON Our gra­cious Fa­ther, thank You for the per­son You led to our church as pas­tor. May we pro­vide en­cour­age­ment and sup­port, and may You pro­tect our pas­tor from er­ror in both word and ac­tions. Pas­tors who preach God’s Word need a good word from God’s peo­ple.

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