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Dig­i­tal TV switch moved 5 years to 2023


The Philip­pines moved back its tar­get to switch off ana­log TV sig­nal and go com­pletely dig­i­tal by five years to 2023 from 2018. Even with the help of the Ja­panese gov­ern­ment, whose ISDB stan­dard the Philip­pines will adopt, pol­icy mak­ers said it will take some­time not only for TV sta­tions to put in the large in­vest­ments needed to switch to the dig­i­tal for­mat, but for house­holds to fully em­brace the stan­dard. The gov­ern­ment es­ti­mates that around 80% of the coun­try’s 14 mil­lion house­holds still use CRT, or cath­ode ray tube, TV sets. TV sta­tions will have to in­vest bil­lions to put up trans­mit­ters to blan­ket much of the coun­try with their dig­i­tal sig­nal since they use line of sight to broad­cast sig­nals. (Dow Jones)

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