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Rody to mayors with drug links: Watch out


No mayor should feel “invulnerab­le” especially if he abuses power and gets involved in the illegal drug trade, President Duterte warned last Saturday.

The President has vowed to hit back at abusive local chief executives especially those said to be involved in the illegal drugs trade.

"I'm renewing the warning to mayors: Huwag kayong mag-kumpiyansa sa 'yang ginagawa ninyo [Do not be too confident about what you're doing]. Do not feel so invulnerab­le na pati 'yung mga pulis ninyo pinapatay ninyo [that you're killing your own cops] and you are using the Office of the Mayor as your platform for drugs distributi­on,” Duterte said before an assembly of soldiers at the Edwin Andrews Air Base in Zamboanga City last Saturday.

"Talagang hihiritan kita [I will really hit you back]. Hihiritan kita [I will hit you back] because you are destroying the nation," he added.

Good, clean leaders Duterte admitted that the people must bear with and obey elected government officials as long as they are not involved in illegal activities.

But the President stressed that he has a mandate “to protect the people” and “preserve the nation” in the event some officials get involved in illegal drug operations.

Stop it, or else… The President previously warned mayors included in his drug list to stop their illicit activities or else face harsh consequenc­es.

He also threatened to suspend mayors who cannot stop the proliferat­ion of illegal drugs in their areas.

No letup in war on drugs

In Zamboanga City, the President has renewed his unwavering resolve to combat illegal drugs, saying law enforcemen­t authoritie­s have been authorized to “destroy the organizati­ons of the drug syndicates.”

Duterte said he told security forces to just perform their duty "within the bounds of law" and let him handle the inquiries and other human rights criticisms.

He maintained that he would not back down from his campaign against illegal drugs, terrorism, among others. (Genalyn D. Kabiling)

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