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President set to fire 1 usec


President Duterte is staying true to his promise that heads will roll upon his return from the Lenten break as he is set to fire one Cabinet undersecre­tary.

Duterte, in a speech at a dinner concert in Pasay City Thursday night, said that there will be more government officials who will soon bite the dust.

“Marami pa (There will be more). I’ll be firing about one undersecre­tary, one after the other. Ubusin ko talaga ‘yan (I will really finish them all off),” Duterte said.

The President, however, recognized how his appointees are the first to go instead of those officials who were appointed by his predecesso­rs.

“And to think, in fairness also to President [Benigno] Aquino [III] and to President [Gloria Macapagal] Arroyo, so far, ang lahat nabigyan ko ‘yung tao (all those I have fired), even the Cabinet member, the first to go mga tao ko (were my people),” Duterte pointed out.

“As I have said, I’m not perfect. I cannot even compare my term with President Arroyo and I refuse to make comparison­s with Aquino. He might have been more, more circumspec­t than I am,” he added.

Before the Holy Week, President Duterte said he is not anymore satisfied with the performanc­e of some of his Cabinet members.

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